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Univision launches ‘Salud Es Vida’: a new show dedicated to Health

Por HolaDoctor -

As part of its Peabody Award-winning health initiative, “Salud Es Vida” (Health is Life), the Univision Network will air its second health special of the fall season, hosted by Cecilia Ramírez Harris, renowned health reporter and regular health correspondent for Univision’s highly rated newsmagazine “Primer Impacto” (First Impact), with special contributor Dr. Julian Alfaro, a general practitioner.

The idea behind ‘Salud Es Vida’, which will be broadcasted every second Saturday or every month by Univision, is to inform and educate the audience on Health subjects to empower them in taking the right decision on issues such as primary prevention, healthy habits, and be able to choose and evaluate specific treatments for different ailments.

Among the main topics discussed are the following: Cancer, Asthma, cardiovascular problems, Diabetes, and others related to sexual health. Moreover, HIV, vaccinations, prenatal care, obesity, will also be covered.

The new “Salud Es Vida” special, airing on October 13, addresses the following health issues:

The Dangers of High Cholesterol – This segment focuses on the dangers of having high cholesterol levels and presents the personal perspective of an elderly man who brought down his score by changing his eating habits. Dr. Julian Alfaro explains which foods are beneficial for lowering cholesterol. 

Breast Cancer – Harris interviews two breast cancer survivors who relate their experiences, and Dr. Alfaro demonstrates the proper technique for self- examination.

Household Poisons – Many viewers may not be aware that young people today are using common household products to get high. Dr. Alfaro shows the different types of items –from nutmeg to banana skins— and discusses the drug-like effects they can produce. 

Household Remedies – Through an entertaining trivia quiz, two guests learn what ailments can be cured by certain household remedies.

Alzheimer’s Disease – Dr. Alva, an expert on Alzheimer’s, joins Harris to explain the early warning signs of this devastating condition and advises families on how to cope with a family member suffering from it.

The Power of Health Supplements – Univision’s technology reporter Angélica Atondo welcomes nutritionist Claudia González to analyze the most popular and powerful health supplements on the market today.  


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