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The Challenge of Losing Weight is Now within Your Reach

Por MyDiet™ -

There are many things to consider when planning on losing weight: the time available, your motivation . . . and the money in your pocket. It is a great pact with ourselves that will lead us to show what we really are: born fighters.

Of course, we know it is harder to do by ourselves. We need reliable professionals, a clear guide, trustworthy information, and a friendly hand to guide us in accomplishing the goals we’ve set, making sure they are realistic and attainable.

MyDiet™ is that friendly hand. A hand offered by nutrition counselors who speak your same language, understand your needs and worries, and also your strengths. A hand filled with healthy recipes, tips that will facilitate following your diet and making it part of your own lifestyle, at home, at work, and together with your family. You only need $2.91 per week to make MyDiet™ part of your routine.

Health leaders

Did you know that MyDiet™ is strongly supported by its experience and consistency, as well as by its recognition from other organizations? MyDiet™ has been widely distinguished by health institutions. In 2007, it was selected as the No. 1 Health Website in contention with 1,100 other sites nominated within the United States to the EHealthcare Leaderships Awardsgiven during the XI Conference for Internet Health Strategies in Las Vegas, Nevada.

At this event, MyDiet™ was also recognized as best Consumer Site Focused on Diseases, and received three platinum awards as Best Overall Internet Site, Best Interactive Site, and Best Site for Disease Management and Attention.

With this endorsement, MyDiet™ was consolidated as  thepersonalized Internet weight loss program that offers a completely interactive service where the user gets “face to face” support, recipes tailored his/her preferences and caloric requirement, tips, videos, exercise strategies, and access to forums and chat rooms to share comments and experiences with other members.

And now MyDiet™ gives you the possibility of having your own plan at a great price. We know it can be difficult to start a diet, but MyDiet™ makes it easier now with this special offer: any plan you choose for half the price. This is a holiday offer for you to begin 2008 with all your energy set on losing weight and acquiring the body you’ve always dreamed of.


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