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Por MyDiet™ Team -

In order to understand your eating habits, the first and most important step for success is to become aware of when, how, and why you eat. MyJournal will help you do just that.

In MyJournal, you will log the dates, times, and situations in which eating took place. Write down the foods you ate, the amount, the time of day, and how long it took you to eat. Write down the kind of exercise, duration, intensity, and the feelings you have before and after working out.

Record what you eat over a period of a week, including the weekend. To have an accurate log, you must have MyJournal with you at all times. For your convenience, you can print out this page. Immediately after you have eaten something, write it down. To have a complete picture of your eating habits, be as honest as possible.

It is very important that you focus each day on the following:

· What and how much you eat
· If you eat for emotional reasons (i.e., Do you eat when you are feeling stressed, bored, sad, angry, or feeling any other emotions?)
· If you eat quickly
· If you have cravings
· If you eat while watching TV, using the computer, riding in the car, or lying in bed
· If you skip meals or fast in order to lose weight
· How you feel about working out

All of this information will help you learn about your eating behavior so you can develop strategies for healthier eating.
Print MyJournal and start recording what you eat, when you exercise, and how you feel.


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