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End the Ongoing Battle with Vegetables

Por Andrea Yonker, Nutrition Counselor, MyDiet™ -

Including vegetables as part of our daily diet has many benefits. People who eat vegetables every day are at a lower risk of developing chronic diseases such as heart attacks, cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and some types of cancer such as stomach and colon cancer.

What happens if you just don’t like eating vegetables, or are tired of always having them prepared the same way? Don't worry, read these tips. You won't even believe it when you're eating vegetables and enjoying all the benefits they provide!

Add them to soups:When you order a soup, order the ones that are made with vegetables. If you make soup at home, add vegetables such as carrots, broccoli and peas; or just simply make a vegetable soup. This is a great way to eat your daily serving of vegetables in one meal!

Transform your vegetables into a delicious sauce: With a vegetable sauce it's not necessary to add whole vegetables to your dish. Put in a little extra time to make a delicious tomato sauce that will last you the entire week. Store the sauce in the refrigerator and heat it up when you're ready to use it. You can put it on meat and pastas or use it as a dip. Just a half cup of vegetable-based sauce counts as one serving of vegetables.

Add them to various dishes: If you're craving pizza, pasta, rice or meat, add vegetables! You can use mushrooms, spinach, broccoli, peas, chili peppers, carrots, onions or whatever you prefer. Mix them into your favorite dishes and you won't even notice you're eating vegetables.

Hide them in your sandwich: If you don't feel like eating a salad for lunch, then add all the vegetables you possibly can to your sandwich, such as alfalfa sprouts, tomato slices, lettuce, spinach and onion. This adds a serving of vegetables to your diet. In addition, when you order a sandwich or a hamburger at a restaurant, ask for extra tomato, lettuce and onion.

Drink them up:Make a vegetable drink as a practical alternative in order to enjoy the benefits veggies provide. Four ounces of juice are equal to one serving of vegetables. But be careful! Watch out for additives. It's best to choose fresh products. The only disadvantage is that drinking vegetables won't provide you with as much fiber as they normally would when you eat them whole.

Try new things:We sometimes complain that eating vegetables is boring, but then we buy the same ones all the time. Forget eating lettuce and tomato everyday! Try new vegetables and you'll discover new flavors to add to your diet.

Dip your vegetables:Instead of pouring dip on chips, nachos or crackers, pour it on carrot or celery sticks, broccoli and mushrooms. This is a great choice for a nutritious snack!

Remember, vegetables provide very few calories and fats, and they don't contain cholesterol. By adding them to your diet, you will be eating more healthily and at the same time avoiding calorie-packed dishes. This will help you to gain better control over your weight.

By following these tips, you can put an end to your battle with vegetables. Follow these tips, and turn vegetables into your trusted and nutritious friend.


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