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Eight Out of Ten Americans Claim to Have a Healthy Diet

Por Carola Sixto -
Eight Out of Ten Americans Claim to Have a Healthy Diet

Nine of every 10 people will be overweight or obese in 2030. Although many things can happen in two decades, this projection should be more than alarming. However, it isn’t for most of the population. A study by GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare showed that eight in ten people believe not to have any problems with foods; on the contrary, they are convinced of having a healthy nutrition.

For researchers, these results demonstrate a clear discrepancy between what we think we eat and what we actually eat.
“Our study shows that many Americans are involved in irrational or emotional eating habits, which lead them to eat without thinking about nutrition facts or serving sizes, and eating as a response to emotions instead of appetite. It’s time we analyze our relationship with food through these “lens,” so we can begin to understand why people overeat and how they can establish healthy habits,” said Rachel Ferdinando, vice president of  GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare.

The Eternal Conflict
Results of the study showed that 79% of respondents were satisfied with their eating habits, 67% admitted to have poor eating habits at least once a week, such as omitting a meal or eating even without hunger.

A curious fact is that 73% believed that most Americans have an unhealthy relationship with food, while 52% mentioned having a family member who has poor nutrition, and 44% admitted being worried about the eating habits of his/her spouse.

Clearly, this study opens up a new question that everyone should answer in the privacy of home: do we truthfully know how healthy or nutrition is? If so, why are we overweight?

They say that wisdom doesn’t come from knowing all the answers, but making the right questions. Congratulations then!


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