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A Plan to Lose Weight for the Summer

Por Carola Sixto, Editor, Dr. Tango™ -
A Plan to Lose Weight for the Summer

Get into action!

According to Dr. Eleazar Lara-Pantin, Vice President of Product Development at DrTango, Inc., to succeed “it is necessary to promote variety (of food) to avoid the monotony that leads to failure in most weight-loss plans, and no food groups should be excluded.”
Although what most people with overweight want is quick results, experts assure that “what’s easily lost is easily regained.”
However, some diets say you can lose between 2 and 4 pounds per week. But experts don’t recommend this: “Weight loss shouldn’t be higher than one kilogram or two pounds per week,” explained Dr. Eleazar Lara-Pantin.

5 Quick Tips to Go Slow
To start today a change in your diet, Ana C. Lopez, Nutrition Counselor at MyDiet, gives the following advice:

1. Replace sweets and desserts for fresh fruit. If you’re looking for something sweet, fruits are your best allies. In addition to satisfying your craving, you’ll be meeting your body needs for vitamins, minerals, and fiber. In the summer, fruits are refreshing!
2. Avoid fried foods. Choose grilled, steamed, or baked preparations. This way, you’ll be reducing the calories and fat in your diet.
3. Change sweetened drinks for sugar-free options. Prefer light sodas or sugar-free beverages, that will hydrate your body, but without the calories!
4. Pick your snacks wisely. Instead of choosing fried chips or nachos, prepare a healthy, low-calorie snack: carrot and celery sticks with low fat dip, pretzels, pop corn (no butter), baked potato chips, or fresh fruit slices.
5. Take action. Summer is a great time to put on your shorts and a cool t-shirt, and go out to exercise. Start by walking or jogging, take a bicycle ride, play ball with your family, walk the dog… look for excuses to get moving! Complement your physical activity with focused exercises for the areas you’re more interested in toning up. For example, you can start by doing sit-ups three times a week.

Now that you know what to do to recover your figure, look for that pair of pants you haven’t been able to wear for a while. Few things are as rewarding as wearing something you thought you’d never wear again.


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