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10 Foods that Won’t Let You Lose Weight

Appearances Can Be Deceiving

It is very common to hear people complain because they fail to lose weight, despite eating “healthy” foods. According to dietitians, these foods are “deceiving” because they seem healthy at first glance, but if you read the fine print in the nutrition facts, you may find they’re not even close to healthy. The following 10 foods can be found among these deceiving choices:

1) Caesar Salad It is one of the favorite choices of people who are dieting. There is no doubt that the combination of chicken, parmesan cheese, and Caesar dressing is great. The salad alone (at a fast food restaurant) has 220 calories and 6 grams of fat. But the dressing adds around 190 calories and 18 grams of fat. This adds up to 410 calories… more than a small burger! Tip:If you refuse to stay away from Caesar Salad, next time you go to a fast food restaurant remember to order grilled chicken and ask for lemon juice and vinaigrette instead of the traditional Caesar dressing. This way, you’ll only add 40 calories to the salad, saving up to 150 calories in just one meal!

2)  Shakes Since most of them are milk-based, them appear more healthy than they actually are. However, a 20-ounce glass (576 grams) of strawberry shake can gather 400 calories. Although an excellent source of vitamin C, most of the calories come from sugar (92 grams). Tip:If you’re going to order a shake, ask for it to be prepared with skim milk and no added sugar.

3)  Cereal bars They’ve become the “best friend” of those who go to the gym. Not only because they’re usually sold at the reception, but also because they’ve been positioned as “synonymous of healthy living.” But cereal bars can surprise us if we look at their nutritional information. For example, a bar of Kelloggs Nutri-Grain with red fruit has 429 calories (116 grams). Tip:If you’re hungry after going to the gym, have a fruit or a nonfat yogurt.

4)  Sports drinks The favorite drinks of athletes. They’re recommended to recover the salts and carbohydrates consumed during exercise. However, despite their advantages, excess should be avoided: a 609-gram bottle has 158 calories (32 grams sugar). Perhaps the same amount of calories burned during physical activity. Tip:The day before, put a water bottle in the freezer and add a few lemon drops to obtain a delicious drink with 0 calories!

5)  Latte Having a latte is fashionable, especially in business cities, where everyone runs their way to work with a glass of this drink in hand. But this beverage, that has half coffee and half hot, whipped milk, has from 204 (a cup of 340 grams) to 340 calories (a “Venti” glass—20 oz). Tip:If you think the skim version is better, first analyze the calories. A 340-gram glass has 126 calories, while a Venti (566 grams) has 210. 

6)  Blueberry muffins Due to their antioxidant properties, blueberries are allies of a healthy diet. However, immersed in a muffin, they are not a suitable choice for a diet plan. A small muffin (120 grams) has 340 calories, 22% fat, and 29 grams of sugar. Tip:If you want something sweet for breakfast, ask for an English muffin, with only 100 calories.

7)  Granola Granola is specially recommended for athletes because it is an excellent source of energy. It combines nuts, oatmeal, honey, and sometimes nuts or raisins. Undoubtedly delicious, but a cup of homemade granola has around 597 calories, 45% total fat, and 24 grams of sugar. Tip:Instead of eating granola, choose whole grains without added sugars, which are also very nutritious.

8)  Coleslaw salad Many restaurants offer this side dish, which can even have more calories than the main recipe. A small serving (128 grams) has 260 calories. Tip:Order steamed spinach or carrots as a side dish, or the classic lettuce and tomato salad.

9)  Banana chips The premise of eating more and more fruit can sometimes be confusing. One serving of banana chips (85 grams) adds 441 calories, 44% fat, and 30 grams of sugar. Tip:If the idea is to eat more fruit, have a fresh banana, an apple or orange!

10) Low-fat American cheese Those who don’t choose scrambled eggs, waffles, or muffins for breakfast often go for the classic whole-wheat toasts or soda crackers with American cheese. But beware! A serving (140 grams) of low-fat, pasteurized American cheese has 252 calories. Tip:Use low fat cream cheese, with only 29 calories per serving (28 grams).


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