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The Ultimate Fast Food

Por MyDiet™ -
The Ultimate Fast Food

Nowadays, it is almost impossible not to succumb to fast foods. However, if you wish to succeed in your diet plan, it is essential for you o plan your daily meals so that fase choices don’t become hazardous calories.

The concept of “fast food” arouse as a modern eating style in which foods are easily prepared and served to be eaten quickly in specialized establishments. Therefore, an excellent way of facing the temptation of eating at any fast food chain is to develop an old battle strategy: “know the enemy and learn his tactics.”

Since the concept of fast food is based on speed, uniformity, and low cost, these products are usually formulated with specific ingredients to provide taste and consistency, but also to preserve freshness. This requires a high level of food engineering, the use of special additives, and the application of processes that may substantially alter the original food, often reducing its nutritional value.

However, by using your imagination, you can “transform” each of these fast foods into its healthy counterpart. The following list of fast food choices paired with their healthy version might be very useful.

Pizza.An excellent light version of pizza can be prepared by using pita bread—whole wheat, if posible—and adding low fat or nonfat cheese—the creamier, the better—and sliced tomatoes. Season with some pepper, oregano, or cilantro (coriander), according to your preferences. You can heat it up in the toaster oven or microwave at work, and you will have a delicious Margarita pizza for lunch, with four times fewer calories than a regular version.

Hamburgers.Although the hamburger is the queen of fast foods, it also has diet-friendly versions. The best choice is to make it at home.  This way you can select lean meats and ingredients that are compatible with your diet. A perfect dish could be a hamburger with cherry tomatoes, lettuce, and sweet pickles. If you must buy them at a supermarket, look for vegetarian hamburgers.

Sandwiches. A sandwich is the ultimate fast food, and there are hundreds of versions that can fit your diet plan. A good example is a vegetarian sandwich with portobello mushrooms, red onion slices, red peppers, and a green, leafy vegetable, such as arugula over whole wheat bread. The key is to always use whole wheat bread.

Tacos. Their versatility makes them a fantastic choice for your daily diet. Tacos are a Mexican dish composed of a folded or hand-rolled tortilla that can be filled with many different ingredients. Therefore, you can fill a taco with almost any food you want. A good idea is to use low fat ham and tomato dices to make some delicious, healthy wraps.


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