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How to Overcome Challenges

How to Overcome Challenges

There are always challenges in life. They are a part of our experience, and when we're following a weight loss program, they can get in the way of our goals. For this reason we should keep in mind some tips on how to deal with and overcome challenges.

The following is a clear example of personal achievement in the face of challenge. Once upon a time, there was a king who placed an enormous boulder in the middle of a road.  Then he hid and kept watch to see if anyone managed to move the tremendous boulder. Some of the king's wealthiest merchants and courtesans came and just simply went around the boulder. Many blatantly blamed the king for not keeping the roads clear, but no one did anything to move the boulder out of the way.

Then a farmer came by carrying a load of vegetables. When he approached the boulder, the farmer put the load of vegetables down and tried to move the boulder to one side. After much huffing and puffing and pushing, he managed to do it.  As he was picking up his vegetables, he noticed a small pouch on the ground where the boulder had been just minutes before. Inside the pouch, he found gold coins and a note from the king explaining that the gold was for the person who managed to move the boulder out of the way.

Challenges are like boulders that block our minds, but with determination and self-esteem they can be overcome.

Consider some of the challenges that might get in the way of your weight loss plan:

Stress making you eat more. Very often, we use food to express our feelings. If we're nervous, we seek refuge in food and if we're dissatisfied with ourselves or others, we find consolation in stuffing ourselves.  Anxiety usually triggers uncontrollable urges to eat. To reduce your stress levels, try the following:

  • Breathe in deeply three times and slowly breathe out. This will make you feel relaxed and dissolve any urges to eat. Keep your refrigerator full of healthy food so when you feel like eating a  snack, you choose one that is healthy and low calorie. Occupy your mind with other activities that draw you away from food such as reading a book, or calling your best friend or a loved one on the phone.
  • Always sit down for dinner. Avoid watching television while you eat as you may be distracted and not recognize when you are full.
  • Look for motivations other than losing weight, such as improving your health or lifestyle. It has been proven that losing only 5 to 10% of excess weight improves blood flow, blood pressure and blood fat levels, and when you improve your general health, it's easier to reach your goals.

Lack of time.Very often, we abandon our  goals because we don't have enough time, and we postpone our plans to diet or exercise. As time passes, we gain weight, which makes it difficult for us to take action on our initial plans. We recommend you find a friend who shares your interests, as it is easier to move a boulder with two people.

Adopt a positive attitude.Plan ahead in case the weather does not allow you to go out and exercise. If it is cold outside, you can exercise at home. You can practice relaxation techniques such as yoga without leaving your home.

Set realistic long term goals. If you've never weighed 110 pounds, don't set your goals to 110 pounds. You can lose weight in a healthy way until you reach your ideal weight. If you've never done exercise before, start out with a mild walk, and then little by little increase the frequency and intensity.

Just like the farmer in the story, we learned a lesson: Each challenge presents an opportunity for improvement.


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