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How To Choose the Best Jeans for Your Body?

If you’re struggling with extra pounds, jeans can be your best ally! Besides being comfortable and versatile, jeans are a “basic” to suit any occasion: with a sleek top and accessories, it can become an excellent team for the night; combined with a nice shirt and a jacket, it can be your best work outfit.
But there are so many different jean styles that choosing the one that best fits us can become a real “mission impossible.”

Jeans for Every Body Type Even if you think you’ll be overwhelmed by such variety, it is important to note that the reason there are so many jean styles is so that each woman can choose the one that best fits her.
However, keep in mind to go shopping only when you have enough time to try all necessary styles, until you find the one that is tailored to your body.

Not sure what your  body type is?

• If you have a belly:As a first step, avoid low-rise models. To cover “rolls,” look for “mid-rise” jeans, with the waistband right below your belly, covering the abdomen. Choose a design with wide waist and a bit of spandex (about 2%).
For the office or a more formal occasion, you can choose a model that, besides having the above characteristics, has flared or “elephant” legs, which expand from the knee to the ankle.

Flatten your abs! 

• “Hourglass” body type:Choosing the right jeans isn’t really the problem, but rather finding jeans that won’t show your underwear every time you bend down to pick something up or sit down at a restaurant. Since you have a small waist and well-formed buttocks, you’ll need to find jeans that have the waistband higher behind than at the front.
For a more formal occasion, choose jeans that have loose legs, with small pockets.

• Large thighs and hips:Look for contoured waist jeans and a mid-rise that is higher at the back than at the front. Make sure the waistband is at the height of your hips or belly. Try to buy jeans that don’t have bulky pockets, since they will make your hips look larger. Go for stiffer fabrics, and avoid styles that are too “stretchy,” 2% will be just fine. Some brands have styles with the waist that is one size smaller than the hips; find out if they have them!

• Lack of body curves:To create a “curvy” look, try jeans that become narrow from the knees below. If your style is more formal, try high-waist jeans. It will seem like you have a smaller waist and more pronounced hips.

• Round, “apple” shape:Although they may be “in,” avoid extra-washed or light-colored jeans. Dark colors will look better in you. Also, don’t go for extra low rise: mid or even high-rise jeans will “flatten” your abs and make you look spectacular. If your thighs and legs are large, avoid stretchy or “skinny” jeans: straight or boot cut is perfect for you.

• “Pear” body type:Are your hips wider than your shoulders? Then your first goal is to find jeans that won’t enlarge your hips and buttocks. To do this, search for a medium or high waist, with straight or slightly flared legs, and a little spandex. Don’t buy jeans with the pockets too low, as this will shorten your legs.

• Short stature:Avoid wide-legged or capri style jeans. If you like these jeans look for the ones that go below your knees to mid calf, or else you will look “shorter.” Choose styles with straight legs. Dark colors enlarge your figure more than washed or light-colored ones. If you have thin legs and hips, try tight jeans. Make sure your jeans are long enough to cover almost the entire shoe. This will make you look taller!

• High stature:Enjoy “skinny” jeans to be fashionable or wear boots that go outside the jeans. Flared jeans are also ideal for tall women. Wide-legged and high-rise jeans will also look good on you, but choose a top, shirt, or jacket that adjusts well to your body, in order to accentuate your shape.

Think… since you were little, how often have you worn jeans for comfort and fashion? Don’t you think they’re worth more attention?



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