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Celebrities that Have Lost Weight

Por Carola Sixto, Editor -

Hollywood stars are already used to the flash of cameras. And although most of them know different tricks to look good on photos, we all know being thin is also important. Especially because images will be enlarged and studied by fans and media, who are always looking for the flaws in celebrities. 

But not all actors and actresses in Hollywood were born thin. Some spent years being overweight or fighting the tendency to gain weight.
Among the celebrities that have lost weight are:

• Kelly Osbourne:She was seen recently in the “2010 New Now Next Awards” with a much slender body and ultra flat abs. According to, an internet site, Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter confessed she began to feel a lot of pressure to lose weight when “The Osbournes” began, after being in a California clinic because of her drug addiction. However, it wasn’t through a weight loss diet and exercise plan she achieved her goal, but as consequence of an untreated thyroid problem.

• Kirstie Alley:The lovely mother in “Look Who’s Talking Now,” starred by John Travolta in 1989, lost 75 lbs. For years, the artista has been struggling against obesity. Part of her transformation was seen on t.v. through the series named “The Fat Actress.” Although she recovered part of the weight, the actress got in shape using “Organic Liaison” products, which are advertised at her official site.

• Nicole Richie:Lionel Richie’s daughter, who once shared the TV screen with Paris Hilton in the reality show “A Simple Life,” got quite a round body. But those extra pounds vanished several years ago. After having her baby girl, Harlow, she followed a diet to lose 20 pounds in 20 days, that is one pound per day. The truth is after worrying about her “fat rolls” many different media have wondered if she suffered from an eating disorder. In an interview on People Magazine, she denied suffering from anorexia, but explained that “while some people eat more with stress, she loses weight.” Rumors attribute her weight loss to green tea.

• Renee Zellweeger:The beautiful actress that made us laugh with “The Bridget Jones’ Diary” has taken her career very seriously. To play the insecure journalist that drowned her sorrows in alcohol and carbs, she had to gain some weight. She gained 30 pounds, going from size 6 to 14. The actress explained at the Daily Mirror journal that many people thought this weight gain was unnecessary to play the role. However, she answered “it had to be authentic for her.”  In her fan’s website, it is explained that the actress follows a macrobiotic diet that includes fish, vegetables, and rice. Maybe this is what made her lose weight so fast after playing the role of the lovely Bridget.

• Josh Peck:The young actor of the children’s series “Drake & George” went from being the “fat guy” of the comedy show in 2003 to become an attractive, slender young man in 2008. However, some of his fans prefer the “chubby boy,” so they opened a Facebook group entitled “No matter how thin he is now, he’ll always be the chubby boy.” During the first and second season of the series, the young boy appeared with overweight; but on the third season, he began losing weight, until he became a completely new person by the fourth season. In total, he lost 100 pounds. His concern to lose weight was more related to health than to aesthetics, he explained to the press. However, he never had too much will strenght, so he hired a personal trainer and modified some habits.

One of the favorite phrases of many celebrities is that “they’re ordinary people like everyone else.” The truth is: they are. They love, laugh, suffer, cry, and also, if they eat too much and stop exercising, they gain weight. Sounds familiar?


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