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Being Precious Has Its Price

Por Carola Sixto, Editor, Dr. Tango™ -
Being Precious Has Its Price

The actress of “Precious” will not be on the Vogue cover

Vogue magazine doesn’t want her on its cover. The news, published in NYDaily News, went around the world and was reproduced in all languages: someone from the team of the famous editor, Anna Wintour, who inspired the film “The Devil Wears Prada,” had proposed Gabourey Sidibe, from the film “Precious,” for the cover of Vogue, but Wintour refused.

Far from being angry, “Gabby” Sidibe, who was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress is shocked: “It’s weird because I never asked to be in Vogue. Not my type of magazine. I wonder why they’re forbidding something I never even showed interest in. It’s strange,” she explained in her Facebook site, where she has over 17,000 fans. Her fans were the first to complain. Some even decided to cancel their monthly subscription to Vogue. “I sent my complaints to Vogue and Conde Nast and they all did the same. We wrote letting them know we did not want to renew our subscription after watching the report saying Anna Wintour didn’t want Gabourey Sidibe on its cover,” wrote Ricky Smith, a well-informed and thoughtful fan who joined the discussion group “Gabourey is too fat for Vogue?!”

However, it seems that not everybody at Vogue feels the same way. In June, 2009, Bruce Webber photographed her in Germany for Vogue magazine. Since the model Heidi Klum was in the same place, he asked her to take some pictures with Gabourey. The result is a series of black and white photos, where an attitude of energy prevails within both women, far beyond their physical appearance.

Real Beauty
Loving and low profile, Sidibe Gabourey wondered more than once if people like her could be good candidates to win an Oscar: “If wonder if girls like me win Oscars. Well, I guess if not, at least I’ll be able to know if girls like me are invited to “The View,” the popular talk show on ABC,” she told her fans a few days before walking on the red carpet.

Finally, the day came, and the 26-year-old actress surprised everyone with a blue dress by Marchesa, decorated with embroidered flowers with diamonds and jewels from Lorraine Schwartz. Two days earlier, she fitted her dress: “It’s so cute, I love it. I feel so pretty in this dress. I can’t wait to wear it on the Oscar Night. I’m lucky to be able to wear whatever I want!”

Not being superficial, the actress knows beauty doesn’t come exclusively in small sizes, but in the size given to each one. Maybe this is why she’s defined as a “normal girl, trying to do abnormal things.”



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