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5 Tips to Avoid Being Tempted by Leftovers

Por Carola Sixto -

Here’s what happens to most dieters: during dinner, they take care of not overeating, they resist all food temptations, and even tolerate the comments of relatives and friends who insist they should “try something.” But when guests are gone and it’s time to put the leftovers away, they may lose control and eat all what they avoided during the night, just as if it was their “last supper.”
To avoid getting into that situation, there are some tricks that will help you stay away from the tempting leftovers. They are simple but effective suggestions. Put them into practice during the holidays!

1. Right after the guests leave, go brush your teeth!  Do you think this is nonsense? Well, it is not at all. The mint flavor in your mouth distorts the taste of foods, so if you eat something, you won’t feel its flavor! Another trick is to chew gum while lifting the trays from the table and washing the dishes. Calories won’t go into a busy mouth!

2. Make a package with your favorite treats and give it to a relative or friend.If you don’t do this, your favorite food, sauce, or dessert will go directly to bed with you. So when your guests are about to leave, say good bye to the dishes you can hardly say no to!

3. Store in the freezer all the chicken, turkey, beef, or ham leftovers.If portions are large, cut them into smaller pieces before storing. Remember you should not store mayonnaise, gelatin, or boiled eggs. By contrast, cakes, biscuits, and Christmas puddings can be kept in the freezer for six months.

4. The following day, prepare a meal with leftovers. 
• With turkey or chicken, you can make a pie, sandwiches, salad, soup, or tamales.
• With beef, you can prepare some delicious tacos, meat loaf, or a meat pudding if you also have mashed potatoes.
Remember that cooked meat can only be preserved a couple of days; turkey can be stored up to three days in the refrigerator; ham lasts five days.

5. Cover food sources with plastic wrap.Whether you’ll serve them the next day or take them to a relative’s house, if food sources are covered with a plastic film, you won’t be tempted to nibble.


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