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Your Diet through the Internet

Por MyDiet™ -

We already know that the Internet opened up the door to a world of information, connection, and interaction we hadn’t even imagined two decades ago. But what isnew is that the web now offers you the possibility of connecting with a better quality of life.

In MyDiet™, awarded as the No. 1 Health Website at the EHealthcare Leadership Awardsin 2007, you will find that possibility and, now, for half the price.

For only $2,91  per week, you will not only dream of having a personalized diet, but you will make it true. With a completely interactive program, you will get “face to face” support from our professional dietitians, recipes tailored to your own caloric requirement, tips, videos, exercise routines, and access to discussion forums where you will be able to share your experiences with other members.

And, most importantly, you will get all this together with the confidence of being in good hands. This is a serious program that will provide you with scientific information, proven data, and helpful tips for your daily life so your diet doesn’t become a heavy burden. This is a website with the quality guarantees of a completely trustworthy program.

You are just a click away from starting a new phase.

The result is guaranteed and you will see it soon in front of the mirror.


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