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To Eat or Not to Eat Ice Cream

A cold decision

Summer can be one of the most beautiful times of the year. But when the heat rises, it’s difficult to resist the temptation of a refreshing ice cream.

Especially if we’re in good company, taking an ice cream is part of the plan.

Although all ice creams are equally refreshing, they don’t all have the same amount of calories.
Overall, creamy ice creams are the ones with the highest calories, fat, and cholesterol; while frozen yogurts and sorbets have less. However, some ice cream brands offer “reduced calories” and “sugar free” versions.

Learn more about ice creams before ordering yours:

• Creamy Ice Creams: 
o At the ice cream store:Don’t bother reading and analyzing every flavor, because this way it will be more difficult to say no to “super chocolate” or “triple cream and caramel.” Ask an employee directly for diet options. Usually, a small ice cream (3.5 oz) has 200 calories. The same amount of a diet ice cream has only 120 calories.
o At a shop:For some reason, it is easier to choose the right ice cream at a shop than in an ice cream store. Maybe it’s because being packaged, they don’t get our eyes “lost” within plenty of options. By only reading the nutrition facts we can make the right choice. Ben&Jerry ice creams, for example, which announce “what’s important is what’s inside,” offer a great variety of flavors, such as:
 Cream Brulé:½ cup (110 grams) adds up to 300 calories, 27 grams of fat, 44 grams of saturated fat and 29 milligrams of cholesterol.
 Vanilla with Chips(without sugar added): ½ cup (80 grams) has 180 calories, 13 grams of saturated fat, and 45 milligrams of cholesterol.
 Raspberry Low-Calorie Frozen Yogurt:one container (1/2 cup; 80 grams) has 180 calories, 1.5 grams total fat and 15 milligrams cholesterol. 
 Other creamy and irresistible ice creams are those of Haagen-Daz. However, according to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, half cup of these ice creams concentrate 50% of saturated fat and 1/3 of the daily cholesterol recommendation, besides 300 calories.

• Sorbets:Without a doubt, fruit sorbets are the best option to enjoy a refreshing dessert without exceeding in calories. A berry, lemon, mango, or raspberry sorbet (90 grams) contains 90 calories and no fat or cholesterol (Ben & Jerry). In addition, these flavors provide an interesting amount of nutrients.
• Other ingredients: Ice cream can also be combined with different additional ingredients. But of course, that means more calories. In fact, if we choose a “light” ice cream, we may add up more calories with these ingredients than with the ice cream itself. According to, these are the additional calories of some of the most popular ingredients:
o Peanut butter(1 cup): 190 calories
o Cookie dough(1 oz): 180 calories
o Chocolate chips(1 oz): 170 calories
o Caramel bar:150 calories
o Nuts(1 oz): 130 calories
o Granola(1 oz): 120 calories
o Chocolate cookie(1 oz): 120 calories
o Fat free nougat:80 calories
o Chocolate cover(1 oz): 25 calorías
o Berries, raspberries, or pineapple:20 – 50 calories

Going out for ice cream may be the most romantic event of your life or the most amusing if you go with your family; so enjoy the experience and make the healthiest choice.


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