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The Precious Peach

Por Ana C. López, Nutrition Counselor, MyDiet™ Team -
The Precious Peach

Peaches are a tasty and nutritious fruit that have only 40 calories each (a medium size), less than a gram of fat, and no cholesterol or  sodium. They also provide fiber and vitamins, especially A, and C.

There are several types of peaches. Below are a few tips to help you choose the best ones:

  • Take a few seconds and smell it. Its fragrance should be fruity, fresh, and pleasant. If you sense a strange or unpleasant smell, discard it.
  • Feel the peach with your hand to check its consistency. It should be soft but not mushy, and free of cuts or bruises.
  • The peach's natural color is yellow or golden, but it may have red or pink undertones depending on the fruit's variety; these colors are not ripeness indicators. It is not necessary to make your selection based on the fruit's color.
  • Discard peaches with brown or black stains, scratches, or holes.

To keep peaches fresh, refrigerate them promptly after you buy them, and try to eat them within a week. If you want to store sliced peaches in the fridge, add some drops of lemon juice to prevent browning.

Finally, remember that you can make the most of a fruit's  fiber if you eat it without peeling it. It is very common to find canned peaches in syrup at the supermarket, but these often contain high quantities of  sugar, and also sodium as a preservative. To make the most of its vitamins and added benefits, eat peaches fresh.

The peach is a versatile fruit, so you can use your imagination to prepare it in frozen yogurt, slice it as a  snack, put it in a tasty cocktail or fruit shake, or use it as a salad ingredient!


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