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The Flavors and Colors of Spring

Por Lic. Isabel C. Rodríguez R.* -
The Flavors and Colors of Spring

Spring is on its way. With it come colorful flowers, and seasonal fresh fruits and tasty vegetables.

Nature, in its splendor, provides us with all kinds of food, but we don’t always take advantage of it because we don’t know how. We often say we don’t like certain foods, forgetting that fruits and vegetables are the foods that give us vitamins, minerals, and loads of fiber.

The virtues of fruits and vegetables

In the past few years, scientific research has shown that an increase in fruit and vegetable intake not only helps us stay healthy, but also prevents the development of chronic diseases such as cancer. Fruits and vegetables also contain few calories. Including them in our diet helps us stay slim or lose weight. Most importantly, they are the best vehicles for obtaining nutrients we cannot get from other food. Vitamin C, for example, comes from oranges, lemons, strawberries, and grapefruit, and beta-carotene from tomatoes, peppers, and carrots.
The advantage is the wide range of fruits and vegetables available in stores and markets everywhere. You can get the most exotic to the most simple fruit or vegetable. We recommend you try some you’ve never eaten before. Discover new flavors and increase the variety in your, and your family’s diet.

How to add greens and color to your diet

There are hundreds of fruits and vegetables and numerous ways to prepare them. Fruits, for example, can be eaten whole, in the form of juice, in sauces to complement our meals, or in fillings for pies and cakes. Sweeteners or artificial sugar can be used when making fruit fillings, jellies, and marmalades to lower their calorie content. These, then, become excellent options for spreading on crackers or bread.

Vegetables can be served in salads, in soups, in sauces to accompany meat and fish dishes, or they can be used in fillings for pastas. If we want to lower our meat intake, make vegetables the main element of the dishes we prepare.
To welcome spring, fill your plate with color and your body with health. MyDiet™ has compiled a group of recipes in which vegetables and fruit have the starring role. Try dishes like vegetable soup, spinach and orange salad, garden salmon, fruit skewers, vegetarian lasagna, stuffed peppers, and our very own eight vegetable salad.


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