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The Benefits of Fitic Acid

Por MyDiet™ -

Fitic acid is not one of the most popular substances found in food and it certainly isn’t as famous as antioxidants or omega-3 fatty acids. It has even been controversial in the past, because it has been thought to affect the potential action of different minerals when it binds to them. However, new studies have revealed that the consumption of fitic acid may contribute to the prevention of kidney stones, heart disease, diabetes, and different types of cancer, such as colon and breast.

Fitic acid is naturally found in cereals, legumes, dried fruits, and seeds. For over a decade, it has been the main subject of study of a research team from the University of Baleares Islands. Their final conclusion was that it is an essential substance for a healthy, balanced diet.

The researchers have demonstrated that it is found in the body’s biological liquids (blood, urine, and interstitial space), but the body does not produce it. So fitic acid can only be acquired through the diet.

Deposits of fitates in the body decrease to almost imperceptible levels after 10 days of not consuming them through the diet. Therefore, it is essential to eat foods that contain them regularly, such as cereals (especially whole grains), legumes, dried fruits, nuts, and seeds (especially sesame seeds).

Fitic acid has antioxidant properties, so it may help prevent cellular damage and cancer. An excess of iron can be harmful to the cells in the body, and fitic acid has the ability to bind to iron and therefore prevent its reaction with oxygen, which produces free radicals (substances that are well-known for causing degenerative diseases, such as different types of cancer).  

Scientists concluded that eating foods with fitic acid has many benefits. Nevertheless, they emphasized an important, basic rule: a balanced diet is what will ultimately help the body’s systems work properly.


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