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Ten Reasons to Eat Oranges

Por Ana C. López, Nutrition Counselor, MyDiet™ Team -

Oranges are among the most popular fruits, but do you know their benefits? Read on and you’ll want to eat them every day!

1)      A medium-size orange has only 62 calories... excellent choice for a light  snack!   

2)      Are you concerned about fat? Oranges aren’t. They are naturally fat-free and rich in water. 

3)      Oranges are an excellent source of vitamin C (one medium-size orange provides about 70 mg, nearly 100 percent the daily recommendation).  Vitamin C is essential as an antioxidant,it helps to strengthen your immune system,and it’s also involved in wound healingand in the formation of new tissues. 

4)      An orange provides about 10 percent the daily recommendation of  folic acid. This B complex vitamin is especially important for women of reproductive age or who are planning to have children, since it helps to prevent neural tube defects(spina bifida and cleft lip or palate). 

5)      This fruit is rich in phytochemicals,which are potent natural antioxidantsthat protect cells from free radicals. 

6)      Oranges contain pectin,a type of soluble fiber.Some studies have shown that soluble fiber may help lower cholesterol levels by "blocking" part of its intestinal absorption. 

7)      In addition,  fiber increases satiety(the feeling of fullness) during several hours, and this can help prevent overeating, especially because of stress or anxiety. 

8)      The prebiotic substances found in oranges, such as fiber, favor the growth of "good" bacteriain your intestinal tract. These bacteria help you prevent gastrointestinal infections. 

9)     If you have a sweet tooth… choose a sweet, juicy orange! But if you prefer something bitter, you’ll also find a variety of orange that’s right for you. This fruitis suitable for all tastes and preferences. 

10)  If you’re not having an orange already, please read the previous nine points again!

Make oranges part of your favorite  recipes (salads, desserts, main dishes, and snacks). Here are some ideas: 

·         Fruit Skewers

·         Zesty Spinach and Orange Salad

·         Orange-and Ginger-Glazed Chicken

·         Tropifruit salad

·         Citrus Turkey with Couscous 


United States Department of Agriculture. Food Intake Entry. Retrieved on September, 2008 


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