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Tasty Foods Satisfy Your Appetite

Por Carola Sixto, Editor, DrTango, Inc. -
Tasty Foods Satisfy Your Appetite

When we have few options to choose from, eating a healthy meal can make us remain hungry. And being hungry when we’re following a diet implies the risk of eating anything we find on our way.
In turn, if what we have in front of us is a plate that seems to have lots of flavor, surely we won’t feel hungry after we finish it.

These are some of the conclusions of a recent study published in the Journal of Consumer Research by Stacey Finkelstein and Avelet Fishbach in the University of Chicago. The study examined the external controls of healthy eating, like markets that offer only healthy products and consumers who eat healthy foods in cafeterias that offer exclusively healthy alternatives.

For the study, a group of people were invited to taste different meals described as either “healthy” or “tasty.” The results were: 
• People who ate “healthy” meals expressed being hungrier than those who had “tasty” ones.
• Participants who chose randomly between “healthy” and “tasty” meals also felt hungry later.

Then, another group was gathered, and participants were offered the same “healthy” and “tasty” meals, but they were never asked how much they took care of their weight.
• Those who ate “healthy” meals felt hungrier than those who had “tasty” ones.
• Those who controlled their weight preferred having the “healthy” meal.

Through this study, researchers found that in order to be successful with a diet, people need to feel they’re making the right choice and that what they’re eating will be delicious. That is why most people remain hungry when they have few options and all of them are healthy.

Source: Stacey Finkelstein and Ayelet Fishbach. “When Healthy Food Makes You
Hungry.” Journal of Consumer Research: October 2010. (Published online March 10, 2010).


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