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Prepare Your Easter Basket With Less Than 200 Calories

Por Carola Sixto, Editor, Dr. Tango, Inc -
Prepare Your Easter Basket With Less Than 200 Calories

Celebrate Easter and Don't Gain Weight

Easter is not the same without the traditional basked filled with colorful and tasty treats. After Halloween, Easter is the holiday with the highest sugar consumption in the United States. Although it depends on what you choose to eat, you may gain up to 1000 calories with the classic candies, unless you take the time to analyze each one until you find the one with the lowest caloric index. 

The Amont Is What Counts 
If there are children at home no one expects them to remain with empty hands or their Easter baskets to be filled with carrots instead of candies. The idea is to find alternatives that are both tasty and healthy, with a lower content of sugar and fat.

To do this, a key factor is to be very careful about the amount you eat, since many candies are not so caloric individually, but can add up a significant number of calories if eaten in larger quantities. For example, peeps have about 37 calories (individually), but if you eat three, you’ll be eating 111 calories in less than a minute.
For fewer calories, you can choose jelly beans. But be careful, because while each one has only 4 calories, you may eat a lot more than that. With only one serving of 10 jellybeans you’ll be eating about 41 calories.

Marshmallows are another good alternative to moderate calories. They’re fat free and have only 32 calories each. A serving of 5 units (42 grams) has 160 calories.

The Guest of Honor: Chocolate The Easter basket is not complete without chocolate eggs. And this is a complicated issue, since chocolate is usually high in carbohydrates and fat. However, there are always exceptions: for example, the little Cadbury cream eggs. A serving of 12 units (40 grams) has 190 calories. But the idea is to prepare the Easter basket with a little of everything, so you can make smaller servings. Remember that goodies with nuts and peanuts are not an option for those allergic to these ingredients.

Those who prefer having a small bite of something delicious will make a smart choice by including a Lindor (Lindt) chocolate in their basket. Each serving (one truffle) has 70 calories and 9% fat.

A 200-calorie basket
1. One peep: 37 calories
2. Three jelly beans: 12.3 calories
3. Two Cadbury creamy mini-eggs: 31.6 calories
4. One marshmallow: 48 calories
5. One Lindor (Lindt) chocolate Egg: 70 calories
Total: 198.9 calories

Source: Nutrition Data,


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