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Laser Acne Treatment

Laser Acne Treatment

Say goodbye to those pimples

Acne leaves marks. Not only on the skin, but also on the self-esteem of the person who has it. That is why many young people who suffer from acne choose to retreat and avoid social life. However, science has made great strides in this area. Recently, an investigator of Dermatology at the Department of Medicine of Harvard University in Boston developed the first laser treatment that kills fat through the skin and could help people with problems ranging from obesity to acne and clogged arteries.

Although treatment has been evaluated only in animal fat, and there is still no guarantee it will work in humans, for Dr. Rox Anderson, head of this work, there are great opportunities of effectiveness in people. “One of the possible applications of lasser could be destroying oil glands that cause acne,” he said. “I cannot tell if I’ll make it.”

Laser treatment has other potential uses in the field of skin care and could serve as an alternative to liposuction. Laser could even destroy the oil buildup that causes clogged arteries. However, the specialist took care of clarifying that the treatment is not painless, so anesthesia is necessary before the procedure.

The presentation by Dr. Anderson had the support of several of his colleagues. “Dr. Anderson is one of the giants in dermatology,” said Dr. Steve Feldman, professor of dermatology at the Department of Medicine at Wake Forest University. “I don’t think solving a dermatology problem by finding the adequate laser is out of reach.” However, Feldman said that “while this looks promising, it is desirable to see the clinical trials before getting too excited.”

Despite the advances during recent decades, acne continues to be a common problem. Drugs such as Accutane treat acne but have side effects and can cause serious birth defects if used by pregnant women.

HealthDay article, translated by HispaniCare.


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