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How Celebrities Lose Weight

Por MyDiet™ Team -
How Celebrities Lose Weight

Have you ever thought about following the same "diet” your favorite celebrities claim to follow? If so, find out what’s so special about those diets and whether they’ve really been responsible for weight loss in Hollywood. 

Many magazines and entertainment companies claim that celebrities, both men and women, are following the diets they publish or offer. Their profit comes either from selling the diet or product or from their popularity among the people who read their publications. 

Here are some examples of what your favorite celebrities are actually doing to stay in shape. 

  • Britney Spears:  Although some say she used  diet pills, energy drinks, and steam baths to lose weight, in an interview conducted recently by an American magazine, she revealed what her secret is. She’s been using artificial sweetenerswith her drinks (as sugar substitutes) and she’s follows a personalized, balanced, low-calorie diet,where she eats foods like: rice, fish, chicken, and other low-fat and low-sugarchoices.  In addition to following this diet plan, she indicated that she attends the gym five times a week,where she performs a combination of aerobic (cardiovascular) and weight-lifting exercises. This way, she burns fat as she tones her body.
  • Jennifer Lopez:  She has been a dancer since a very young age, so she knows the importance of maintaining a healthy body. After her pregnancy, she chose to follow a balanced eating plan. Her motto is "everything in moderation."  Her diet plan doesn’t leave any specific food out, but it does emphasize the consumption of healthy foods. Besides, she conducts one-hour sessions of exercise, six days a week,where she combines running short and long distances with a weight-lifting workout. Moreover, she does  yoga to keep a positive mind and a healthy body, as well as to relieve stress and increase flexibility.
  • Oprah Winfrey:  She’s been on screen for more than twenty years and her transformation is still being talked about. Her weight loss has been attributed to “detox” diets, green tea, and, more recently, to Acai berries, which were presented by a guest at her show as one of ten “essential foods.” However, truth be told, her weight loss was due to a diet and exercise plan designed by her personal trainer, Bob Greene. Her plan consists in a healthy diet and a rigorous exercise program of 10 hours a week,in which she does running for one hour a day, followed by a weight-lifting session. In addition, she constantly evaluates her own progress, in order to identify overeating triggers, such as anxiety.

As you can see, Hollywood celebrities follow a balanced diet and an exercise routine to lose weight and stay in shape. This combination is the best way to achieve the body you’ve always wanted. So next time you hear about a celebrity’s weight loss secret, think twice before believing it.


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