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Enjoy the World Cup

Por Carola Sixto, Editor, DrTango, Inc. -

without gaining weight

For some people, sitting in front of the television to watch the games is almost a sacred ritual. If the phone rings, they won’t get up. Errands or medicines will have to wait until halftime. However, there is an essential requirement: having something to eat and drink. This is how stress is faced throughout the game.

Snacks That Make You Lose the Game
The problem of watching a game is the habit of eating in the meantime. That means 90 minutes of non-stop eating. Whether our team wins or loses, we will have surpassed our caloric limit.
If you’re used to eating potato chips during the 90 minutes of the game, you’re adding at least 1,800 calories (two 198-gram packages of potato chips). And this doesn’t include the beverage.
If you decide to have some crunchy nachos, you’ll get over 2,100 calories, since one package (227 grams) of nachos has 1,090 calories. If we add a sauce, the final count will be around 2,500 calories (although this depends on the type of sauce, but a typical preparation has around 136 calories per serving).

Healthy Choices
According to the Mayo Clinic, snacks can help manage hunger and reduce anxiety. But not the snacks we usually choose. The Mayo Clinic refers to fruit or vegetable-based snacks.
Therefore, to enjoy the World Cup without gaining extra pounds, prepare a colorful tray of fresh fruit. If you wish, you may add a low-fat cheese or yogurt dip with vanilla or artificial sweetener.
Something that may also help is buying flavored chewing gums and placing them on small plates instead of nachos or potato chips. This way, you’ll not only have your mouth busy, but also your mind and anxiety. To replace salty snacks, cut carrot or celery sticks and serve them with low-fat cheese and olives, peppers or soy sauce.

Do It Youself
If you feel like making something to share with your family and friends, here are some ideas.

-Onion Rings: 55 calories per serving

-Turkey Dumplings: 163 calories per serving

- Mexican Cheese Dip: 86,5 calories per serving

-Fruit Shake: 130 calories per serving

- Cold Lime Cream: 98 calories per serving

And now, with the feeling of doing the right thing, you’re ready to enjoy the show and sing: “In the streets our heads out lifting as we lose our inhibitions celebration is around us every nation all around us.”


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