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Eating Mini Portion Sizes

Por MyDiet™ -
Eating Mini Portion Sizes

Current healthy eating guidelines focus not only on what you eat, but how much. Success with a diet depends as much on portion control, as on the types of foods eaten.

Eating “mini” portion sizes has lead to success in weight loss in Europe and on the west coast of the United States. The actress Valerie Bertinelli, who recently showed up with a new body after losing 40 pounds, stated in Peoplemagazine that during the 1½ years that her diet plan lasted, she didn’t stop eating anything. “The difference is before the diet, I would eat a serving of cake as big as the plate, and now I will only eat less than a quarter,” she stated.

To put into practice eating mini portion sizes, all you need is a “will of iron.” Why? Because the most difficult temptation of eating chocolate usually happens the second after you succumb to the first bite.

“But the effort is worth it,” Bertinelli assures. “Because it is more appealing to have at least a small serving of the foods you really like than avoiding them completely.”

When a person begins a diet program, usually the first thing he/she feels, is deprived of many favourite foods and flavors. This is not the case when eating mini portion sizes, which helps people to stay on track and not give up.

Another benefit of eating smaller servings is that, besides eating fewer calories, you will also have better control of your appetite. Once you begin, you will realize you will not feel that desperation and anxiety of eating more and more. Your stomach will get used to the adjustment in serving sizes.

Soon, you will automatically reduce the size of all your portions, as if it were a natural reflex. It will also prompt you to make healthier, low-fat food choices. The domino effect of mini portion sizes will help you accomplish your weight-loss goals, without missing out on your favorite foods and flavors.


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