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A Sandwich to Lose Weight

Por Ana C. López, Nutrition Counselor, MyDiet™ Team -

Although many have tried to make sandwiches the "culprits" of weight gain, the truth is they can be great allies of your diet plan to lose those extra pounds.

First of all, lets remember that there isn't one single food that is responsible for weight gain. Weight gain or weight loss are related to the total amount of foods a person eats each day, as well as his/her physical activity level.

In order to make  sandwiches part of your diet plan, the key is to learn how to prepare them (the ingredients you use) and the appropriate serving sizes. Follow these recommendations when selecting the ingredients: 

  • If you want to add ham, choose chicken or turkey, or check the label to select low-fat versions.
  • Use plenty of vegetables (lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onion, bell peppers).
  • Select low-fat cheeses.
  • Use sauces and dressings in moderation and, when possible, select low-calorie versions.
  • Combine different spices and minimize the use of salt.
  • Choose whole wheat  bread instead of white bread. You can also vary the type of bread you use: pita bread, hamburger bread, sliced bread, etc. For a major change, use flour or corn tortillas instead of bread every once in a while. 

There are as many different sandwiches as you'd like... don't be afraid to experiment and combine new ingredients. Add variety to your meals! Just make sure the number and the size of your servings are right, based on your personalized diet plan.

A sandwich can be a great,  fast and easy choice you will surely enjoy.


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