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A Healthy Diet Doesn't Mean Deprivation!

Por Nydia Rivera Alcaide* -

Does the aroma of a home-cooked meal make your mouth water? Do you salivate at the mere thought of your favorite dish? If so, then you already possess one of the most important requirements for a healthy diet: enjoying food. If you can enjoy food, you can enjoy a healthy diet.

"Many people think that following a healthy diet means depriving themselves of tasty foods and only eating boring or bland foods. The words 'diet' and 'dull' don’t necessarily go hand–in-hand," says Dr. Eleazar Lara-Pantin, a MyDiet TM nutrition expert. He says, “Achieving a healthy diet must be enjoyable, otherwise, you’ll likely quit following it before you even get started. A restrictive diet only makes people feel deprived and frustrated," Lara-Pantin explains. “A balanced diet not only satisfies nutritional needs but it can help decrease stress and provide energy and motivation, all of which are important for normal daily living and physical activity.”

The origin of the diet

People who have recommended dieting, even centuries ago, were fully aware that nutritious eating habits are important for the development of a healthy body and mind.

The world’s first diet gurus lived some 750 years before Christ and competed in the original Olympic Games. Who were they? They were none other than Greek athletes. Diet was was very important to these athletes, as it had a great impact on their performance. Back then, a diet was considered to encompass more than just food. These robust athletes recognized how their diet was linked to their health and physical beauty. A healthy spirit and a clear mind were indispensable in poetry and music competitions. Mental health, along with physical health and beauty were attained through appropriate eating and exercise. Diet contributed greatly to their success.

Although the concept of dieting today is very different, there continues to be an appreciation for and recognition of the importance of eating healthy and exercising in order to a maintain physical and emotional well-being.

The concept of a good diet still persists. According to Lara-Pantin, it should:

  • Satisfy nutritional needs
  • Provide people with the energy to be active
  • Enhance emotional well-being

Still, over the years, the concept of a healthy diet has considerably deteriorated.

* From the DrTango editorial staff


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