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10 Tricks to Avoid Weight Gain During the Weekend

Por Carola Sixto, Editor, HolaDoctor -
10 Tricks to Avoid Weight Gain During the Weekend

One of the reasons why many people fail to lose weight is the weekend. Monday through Friday, they make every effort to comply with their diet plan, but during the weekend, the re-gain the pounds they had lost on the previous days. The result is always the same: the scale doesn’t show any change, even if for the rest of the week they don’t eat an extra bite.

Anticipate the Temptations To break this cycle of “ups and downs,” you simply need to make some habit changes so that you avoid overeating during weekends.

1. Design a special breakfast for the weekend. If you eat the same breakfast every day, make something different on Saturday and Sunday. For example, you can make yourself a  fruit salad and combine it with low-fat yogurt. Another option is to have a  ham and cheese omelet or  sweet crepes. 

2. If you’re going shopping, choose a place that has healthy choice for lunch! Food courts usually offer very high-calorie meals. But there are also other options, such as salads. Otherwise, you can have lunch at home and shop later.

3. For outdoor weekend plans, organize a  light picnic. Put a bowl with fruit in your picnic basket, sandwiches made with whole wheat bread, diet drinks, and a low-calorie dessert.

4. Enjoy! After sacrificing during the week, give yourself permission to enjoy a special snack or dessert. It could be a small piece of chocolate or a scoop of ice cream, for example.

5. If you’re going to eat at a restaurant, choose wisely. If your friends order a starter, begin your meal with a light soup or salad. Then, don’t order a whole meal, but instead ask for half portion. Usually, servings are too large at restaurants, and you’ll end up eating with no appetite. When it comes to dessert, order a fruit salad. 

6. Give beer a rest. A can of beer has 140 calories, although the exact amount differs depending on the brand, and if you’re with friends or watching TV it is likely you’ll drink more than one beer. Try other  beverages or drink only one light beer.

7. Take the opportunity to be active. Take a walk every day or even twice a day (morning and afternoon). When you need to go to the store, wear some comfortable shoes and go walking. If you have a dog, take it out for a walk! This is healthy not only for your body, but also for your mind. 

8. Get enough sleep. People who don’t sleep long enough often develop alterations in their metabolism which prevents them from controlling their appetite and leads them to eat more.

9. Get to know your enemy and… avoid it! Don’t deceive yourself. If there is a snack, dessert, or dish that fascinates you, keep it away from you! Some people feel “generous” buying their favorite food for their kids or relatives, assuming they will resist the temptation of eating it too. This challenge is too difficult to try. Besides, it doesn’t make much sense, because your family will surely enjoy any other snack or treat that isn’t necessarily your favorite. So forget altruism and think about yourself! 

10. Enjoy and have fun! Boredom on weekends can easily turn into excessive or “mindless” eating. This happens when you stay at home all day long. Anticipate preventing this situation. Go visit friends or family, go out and take a walk or a bicycle ride, go to the gym, or simply sit at the park to read a good book. If the weather isn’t friendly to go out, fill your refrigerator with fruits and vegetables!

With these tips, you’ll begin Monday in a better mood, because you won’t feel guilty for all the unhealthy foods you had during the weekend. Always remember, it’s nice to be a good host, but right now it’s important for you to reach your weight goal, so give out the cookies, snacks, and ice cream you’ve been saving for visitors, and next time, make them a delicious fruit juice!


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