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10 Inexpensive Tips to Lose Weight

Por Carola Sixto -

For most people, dieting means spending a fortune on food. This is true if we want to fill our shelves with special diet products. Here are some tips on economic ways to follow your diet, without spending more than you should.

Sometimes it may be the perfect excuse: I don't diet because I don't have enough money. However, truth be told, creativity and dedication are much more important than money when it comes to following a healthy, low-fat diet. Follow these tips and you'll get great results:

  • When you go to a restaurant, avoid drinks, starters, and desserts. This way, you'll save at least $ 15.
  • Take your own snacks to work instead of using the vending machine. In addition to having excessive calories, the latter are more expensive. Take fruit, yogurt, or a low-calorie (50/100 Kcal) chocolate bar.
  • If you feel hungry while you're on the street, buy nougat instead of a candy bar. It costs half the price and has the same calories.
  • Once a week, plan your daily meals. Design a strategic plan in order to alternate meals, for example: chicken, salad, or a low-calorie chicken pie.
  • Find out which fruits and vegetables are in season; their prices are usually lower.
  • The price of meat has risen lately, so try adding more legumes and whole-wheat cereals to your diet. Besides being inexpensive, they have many beneficial properties and help prevent diseases.
  • During the weekends, cut out the supermarket ads on the newspaper and look for discounts. Find out if your nearest supermarket has specific discount days to do your grocery shopping.
  • Instead of buying low-calorie desserts -that have around 100 calories per serving-, make them yourself. For example, Jell-O ready-to-make desserts have around 10 and 60 calories. Count the calories and the money you'll be saving each week!
  • Buy tuna cans, tomatoes, and legumes whenever you find them on sale. Keep a stock of these products and save up money. Just make sure to check the expiration date.
  • At the supermarket, try to stay away from the products you shouldn't eat. Avoid prepared meals -which are high in calories- and desserts.



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