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Your Wardrobe Can Be Your Best Friend

Hiding your body's imperfections doesn't have to mean buying oversize clothing. The right garments will make you look more stylish and you'll appear slimmer--even before beginning your diet.

Some people just have style. They're always impeccably dressed and everything seems to fit them well. But what you don't know is that most of the time these people, in addition to having style, choose their clothing with care and intelligence. They choose only those garments that fit well and hide their imperfections, keeping various basic rules in mind.

Your Wardrobe Can Be Your Best Friend

For fashion expert and iStorez blogger Payal Jaggi, the secrets for looking better go from head to toe:

  • Lingerie:  Before buying a new wardrobe, consider your lingerie. With time, your bra tends to lose its shape and instead of working against gravity--it can drag you down! Go to a store where they measure you in order to find your correct size.
  • Less is more:  Choose garments with simple lines and fewer details. Don't buy clothes that are too big for you. Instead of hiding your imperfections, they will make you appear larger.
  • Pants:  Those that fasten on the side are preferable since they give the impression of "flattening" the stomach.
  • Blouses and Tops:  Choose those that have a plunging neckline, especially those in the shape of a “V” or “U”. Avoid those with lace or other adornments.
  • Skirts: They should be your first choice. A-line or long skirts that reach the ankle are stylish and make your figure seem longer and more elegant.
  • Dresses:  For winter, wear a dress that comes just below the knees, with a fitted jacket reaching the hips, or a longer one that comes to your knees. If the hem of the jacket comes to mid-hip it will make you appear to have "slim hips."
  • Prints:  Always wear vertical prints instead of horizontal ones because they can "widen" your shape. Never wear prints with large flowers or abstract designs.
  •  Fabrics: The best options are natural fabrics like silk, cotton and linen.
  • Accessories:  No outfit is complete without accessories. This season, brighten your attire with accessories that "sparkle." Choose long necklaces and pendants and avoid chunky accesories like large bracelets. If you like to wear earrings, choose a pair of large hoops.
  • Shoes:  Fall and winter is the best time for wearing tall boots. In addition to making you seem taller, they give the impression of longer, slimmer legs. To go with dresses--try a pair of stilettos! 

The Perfect Party Attire

Christopher Hopkins, known as the "makeover guy," helps you choose the right party clothes:

  • Don't leave home without a jacket. When you wear it, leave it open.
  • Wear tops that aren't too tight.
  • Choose loose blouses that come to the hip.
  • Wear dresses.
  • Look for garments with a high waist in order to reduce your torso. 

And on top of finding the right clothing, you might also consider looking for a healthy eating plan that can help you reach your ideal weight.

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