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Weekend: a Foe?

Por MyDiet™ Team -

Have you ever felt frustrated because you practice healthy eating habits and a regular exercise plan all week long, but you do not lose the weight you want? The problem might be stemming from what you are doing on the weekends. Saturdays and Sundays people tend go to parties, eat out and, sports fans don't miss the ballgames! The problem is that often, these weekend routines cause us to forget our typically good eating habits.  We feel justified to give ourselves “a break” from our weekly routine. We eat at restaurants, or we go to a barbecue at a friends' house. There are healthy options you can choose, without missing out on the weekend fun, and at the same time your efforts to lose weight will not be wasted.

Many people tend to gain weight during the Holidays, especially during Christmas and New Years. But holidays aren’t the only problem time people struggle with losing weight; weekends are often a struggle too.  Researchers at St. Louis' Washington School of Medicine, have found that people lose less weight during weekends.

The experts recommend to pay a lot of attention to the portion sizes we eat, and to stick to your healthy habits on the weekend as well.  For that purpose, planning is of the essence:

  • If you have outdoor activities planned, bring your own healthy snacks, such as fresh fruit, low-fat yogurt or a turkey-ham sandwich. This will prevent you from buying sodas or fast food wherever you go.
  • If you go to an event or social gathering with friends or family where there will be food, eat something healthy before going out. This way, you will avoid arriving hungry and you will probably eat less.
  • Buy fresh fruit and vegetables on Friday. You will be more likely to feel like eating them during the weekend if they are fresh.
  • Plan your weekend around a sporting activity, and ask your family and friends to join you! Good company will keep you motivated.
  • If you decide to stay home, prepare food rich in fiber, such as nuts, granola and fruits.
  • Instead of eating fast food from your pantry, have healthy snacks, such as fresh fruit or low-fat cheese.

Remember the effort you made during the week to improve your eating habits.  Don't spoil all of this progress you have made by eating poorly over the weekend. It's up to you to choose whether the weekend will be your diet's friend or foe!

Reviewed literature:

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