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Today is a Good Day to Start!

Por MiDieta™ -

They key to stay  motivated  and have a healthy lifestyle is to begin each day willing to implement good eating habits and to modify those that need to improve.

We will give you an example of how to take the most advantage of your day. This way, you will feel full of energy and willing to put these recommendations into practice the following days, weeks, and months. 

After listening to your favorite song on your alarm clock, get up and do a set of  absthat won’t take more than 10 minutes. Take a shower and enjoy a quick, nourishing breakfast, like yogurt with fruit and granola or a  fruit shake. 

During the morning at work, get up from your desk and take a short, 5-minute walk to stretch yourself and relax. Have a light snack, like a fruit or a granola bar, which you can easily keep at the office. 

It’s lunch time and you need to go buy some food! Well, you may eat where everybody else does, but try to choose a  turkey ham and cheese sandwich  or a salad with a low fat dressing and a natural juice or diet soda. 

On your way back home, stop at the park near your house and take a 20-minute  walk.This time will not only help you to lose weight, but it will also release your stress and make you feel like new. 

Time to prepare dinner! Ask your family to help you; this way, you will share this moment together. There are many quick and easy recipes you will all enjoy, like some  chicken and bean burritosor a  potato salad with eggs. 

See how easy it is to have a healthy lifestyle and remain full of energy? Just remember the key is to get up each day with the best attitude. And if you couldn’t do your exercise routine yesterday, today is a new day!Start again.


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