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Tips on How to Improve Your Image

Por Carola Sixto -

Would you like everyone at family parties or social events to tell you how good you look? Then, get to work! There are thousands of tricks and solutions waiting for you to discover them. 

1) Renew your skin.  Exfoliate your entire body from head to toes, using a natural bristle brush or a sponge to stimulate circulation and lymph fluids. By brushing your skin, you'll remove dry flaky dead cells, and this helps minimize cellulite. "Your skin will turn pink, indicating an increased blood and lymphatic circulation," explained Dr. Susan Ciminelli, creator of holistic beauty products that have helped artists like Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson, Tina Fey, and Martha Stewart maintain a healthy looking skin. 

2) Recover the health of your hair.  Make-up artist, Mario Dedivanovic, gives you some "homemade recipes":

  • Heat some extra virgin olive oil in the microwave for a few seconds and apply it throughout the hair and scalp. Then, wear a plastic cap and go to sleep.
  • Mix mayonnaise and an egg to form a light paste. Cover your hair with this preparation for at least 10 minutes. Your hair will look bright and shiny.
  • Add a teaspoon of baking soda to your shampoo to help remove oil and dirt from your hair. 

3) Look radiant.  Wendy Lewis, author of "Plastic makes perfect: The Complete Beauty Guide (Orion 2008), among other books, recommends always wearing lip gloss. "Apply lip gloss to the center of your lips. If you don't have lip gloss, you can use Vaseline, which makes lips look shiny. Also, get a new hairdo. This will make you look ten years younger. Get a new hair color or highlights, cut out dry or damaged tips, make yourself a vinegar rinse to increase shine," suggests the author. 

4) Choose the right clothes.  Julia Hampton, founder of Nu-U-Image Consulting and stylist of music star Taylor Swift, has given these tips for choosing the right clothes without spending too much:

  • Don't worry about fashion.  You'll give a better impression when you wear a conservative outfit. Stick to the basics! Nobody will notice if you wear the same black pants three times; but if you wear something that's too fashionable, everybody will remember!
  • Have something expensive, or apparently expensive, to wear.  It's a simple trick to always look in style, without going too high on your budget. A single valuable garment or accessory, and the rest... inexpensive! Everybody will surely look at that special "detail" and won't even notice the rest of your outfit. It may be a pair of shoes or a wallet, for example. Search clearance and special sales and you'll find something for sure!
  • Don't forget about accesories! They're more inexpensive than a new blouse. They can even make your old clothes look like new. A scarf, a pendant, or a pair of high-heels will make you look fancier than ever. 

5) Put your make-up on in less than 5 minutes! In hectic days, make-up can become last on your list. And the busier you get, the worse. Bill Lowe, renowned stylist of many Hollywood celebrities, offers three options to put on make-up in 1, 3, and 5 minutes! "The idea is not perfection, but looking and feeling good about yourself. Even if you only have 5 minutes," explained the beauty expert.

  • 1 minute:  Just apply mascara on your eyelashes and wear lip gloss.
  • 3 minutes:  Same as above, but now apply blush on your cheeks, apply compact powder on your face, and wear eye shadow.
  • 5 minutes: Begin by appying a translucent base powder, define your eyes and lips, and continue with the steps for the 1 and 3-minute procedures.

Following these tips, you'll look beautiful and healthy. If you also want to stay in shape, we suggest a personalized eating plan.


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