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Think Positively!

Por MyDiet™ Team -

"Keep your thoughts positive because they later become your words. Keep your words positive because they become your behaviors. Keep your behaviors positive because they’ll become your habits. Keep your habits positive because later they become your values. Keep your values positive because they’ll become your destiny." This phrase, stated by Gandhi, holds a truth that’s being discovered until now. 

Lately, it’s become quite common to hear people say that our thoughts can help us create the life we want, and that our thoughts have also been responsible of bringing us to where we are right now. As human beings, we have energy and we can transmit it to our environment. It’s therefore logical to think that our mind, as a part of our body, can also generate energy, and our thoughts are the expression of that energy. 

Our thoughts travel just as radiofrequency waves do. Radiofrequency waves are waves of energy. Our  thoughts behave the same way—since they are also energy—and the person, or an action itself, is the transmitter. 

You may have conflicting views on this, but think about the many events of your life that you've probably described as "coincidences." For example, when you’ve been constantly thinking about someone and, all of a sudden, you run into that person at an unexpected place or receive a phone call from him/her for no special reason. These coincidences are nothing but the energy you released, put into action. 

It's essential to keep  positive thoughts because this way they become our subconscious mind power: sooner or later, they’ll start leading our actions, even when we don’t notice it. If your habits are based on positive things, your entire life and the results of your actions will be positive too. 

Something you should remember is that the mind doesn’t recognize negative words. Your  brain thinks of images, so if you say you don’t want something, your brain will set the picture of you doing exactly what you’re trying to avoid. This is why you must have a positive internal dialogue using positive and uplifting words, so that the images built in your mind are effective. 

Be aware of your thoughts and put your mind to work. Visualize yourself the way you’d like to be or feel and, little by little, you’ll create positive behaviors that will become habits. This is the easiest way to live the life you’ve always dreamed of!


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