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The 10 Snacks You Should Not Try this Holiday

Por Carola Sixto -
The 10 Snacks You Should Not Try this Holiday

1. Nougat:Few snacks are as traditional as these during the holidays. They appear on the supermarket shelves just a few months before Christmas. There are different varieties, but they all contain a large amount of sugar, honey, and nuts: hard nougat (462 calories), soft nougat (583), nougat chocolate (480 calories), yolk nougat (397 calories), chocolate almonds (589 calories) per 100 grams. Note: There are light versions, but the calorie difference is not important. Read the label before you buy!

2. Fruit cakes:Since they contain fruit, one might think they’re “light,” but their high content of sugar (brown and white), butter, and other ingredients turn them into “concentrated calories.” A 100-gram serving contains around 324 calories.

3. Tamales: They can have different fillings:Those with chicken contain between 215 and 230 calories, sausage fillings have around 400 calories, and sausage fillings about 254 (each medium sausage).

4. Christmas pudding with cream:Almost all its ingredients contain large amounts of calories, such as kidney fat, bread crumbs, almonds, marmalade, raisins, and candied fruit. A small portion (60 grams) has 269 calories; a medium portion (100 grams), 329 calories. If you get two servings, you’ll be adding between 540 and 658 calories, depending on the serving size.

5. Mixed nuts:The holidays seem incomplete without nuts. However, a cup of nuts contains 886 calories. If you grab a handful, you’ll be eating 256 calories.

6. Croutons or bread sticks:They’re frequently used to accompany other meals. By eating 4 units (about 30 grams), you’re adding 110 calories to your dinner.

7. Taramasalata:This Greek recipe, consisting of a dough made from fish eggs and croutons and dressed with olive oil and lemon juice is as delicious as rich in calories. Every time you get one serving (27 grams), you’re consuming 227 calories.

8. Ginger cookies:These fun, irresistible cookies are made with butter, sugar, flour, and, of course, ginger and other ingredients. They can have several forms: animals, people, or Christmas themes. Despite the shape, every time you try one of these cookies you’ll be consuming 115 calories. Without noticing, you can eat three or four cookies, and add up to 345 or 460 calories in only minutes.

9. Christmas cupcakes:They’re increasingly popular and can come with different decorations, most prepared with sugar. One 84-gram cupcake has 310 calories.

10. Pate or cheese canapés:Believe it or not, the canapé or bread is what provides most of the calories. Two canapés spread with pate or blue cheese have 252 calories.


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