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Slow Down at Lunchtime

Por MyDiet™ -

That means no eating while standing, driving or walking down the street.

In order to practice healthy eating habits, you must sit down, eat slowly and chew your food thoroughly, savoring each bite.

In other words, nutritionists emphasize the importance of making mealtime a time for relaxation and pleasure. This is a more healthy way of consuming foods.

The following is a list of tips on how to eat healthily, digest food properly, and enjoy meals without experiencing subsequent discomfort.

Regularize meal schedules.It is easy to get used to certain eating habits. Your body gets accustomed to receiving food at certain times and changing mealtimes is not useful.

Eat lunch in a peaceful environment.Try to eat in a relaxed environment without stress, and allow yourself enough time. Business meals tend to be the cause of intestinal gases and heartburn.

Eat slowly, even when you are in a rush.Eating quickly doesn't allow your stomach to receive the message that it is full. People who eat quickly tend to eat larger quantities of food.

“The breaking of bread, the sharing of salt, the common dipping into one bowl, mean more than the satisfaction of a need," pointed out the Chinese poet Yuan Mei. Medical studies confirm his words. They indicate that quickly eating food that has been prepared quickly causes digestive disorders, stimulates stress, reduces the sensation of satisfaction, and promotes consuming fats that are harmful to our health.

Walk after you eat.Although you may think you don't have time, walking a couple blocks takes just a few minutes. Take the time to do this and see how your digestion improves.

Choose light foods.It can be hard to get back to work after having pasta with an appetizer and a dessert at lunch. Choose salads, a vegetarian sandwich, or a fruit platter and a yogurt to end your day feeling as light as a feather.


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