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Lose Weight the Tasty Way

Por MyDiet™ -
Lose Weight the Tasty Way

Because of the new discipline involved, it is quite common to change your behavior, and even your social life, when you start a diet and exercise plan.

You can no longer eat gigantic portions of food, spend the evening devouring candy in front of the TV, or go out to eat every night with friends. Instead you’ll be at the gym, or taking a walk around the neighborhood.
Sometimes these new routines might really get you down and make it hard for you to stick to your new weight loss resolution.

Secrets to stop your diet from turning into torture:

  • Make a list of the foods you like, the outdoor activities you most enjoy, and the time you have available. If you admit your strengths and weaknesses, you’ll be more objective when it comes to choosing your diet.
  • Choose a diet that's not restrictive. Eat things you like.
  • Follow a diet designed or backed by nutritionists. They’ll tell you what you’re doing right or wrong, and clarify any doubts as you go along.
  • Keep track of your plans on a calendar or in your diary. Write down every achievement or setback along the way.
  • If you are having a hard time fulfilling your plan, identify the problems or situations that are hampering your success. Draw up a strategy to eliminate or modify them.
  • If there is no way to fix your problem, cancel it and start on another diet that better suits your needs.

If you have already chosen a suitable diet and are committed to losing weight, take this advice:

  • Be patient. It took you a long time to gain the weight. It will take you a long time to lose it.
  • Focus on the positive. Think about how the healthy food you are eating will help you lose weight and stay healthy for the rest of your life. Make sure you really enjoy every exercise routine or outdoor activity you do.
  • Create a daily routine. Avoid excesses and control temptations.
  • Tell your family and friends that you are following a plan to lose weight so they can encourage you to keep it up.
  • Celebrate your achievements and treat yourself to a little gift every time you meet one of your goals.
  • Avoid dwelling on the failures and relapses. They won’t motivate you to stick to your plan.
  • Have alternatives on hand for the events or seasons when people usually eat more.

If you feel motivated and have a positive attitude towards your diet plan it will be easier to reach your goals.

  • You’ll feel more energetic.
  • You’ll feel more in control of your body.
  • You’ll feel healthier.
  • You’ll be able to prepare for any eventuality.
  • You’ll have higher self-esteem.


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