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After having my baby, I got my figure back in just three months! I'd like to thank the entire MyDiet™ team for helping me achieve my goals. Now I know that when I have my second baby, I don't have to worry about losing weight because I can count on your help. Sincerely, Lety , Mexico City

I would like to thank you for having a program that's so complete and effective. I've seen excellent results. Rebecca

I like MyDiet™ so much that I recommend the program to everyone. Carolina

After many years, I ran into a friend and she told me that I looked great. I told her my secret was MyDiet™, where I learned to eat healthily and in moderation. Rosa

I used to add a lot of salt to my food, but thanks to your recipes and advice I've learned to add flavor to my meals without overdoing it on salt. Mara

My family and I are very pleased with your program, because we've seen really good results. Thanks for everything! Raquel

I'm delighted with the MyDiet™ program because everything it focuses on health. Marlene

My husband is thrilled with the food I make him. Your recipes are very simple and nutritious. Sandy

By following your advice, I've already gone down one size and without having to follow a restrictive diet. Now, I eat everything, but in a balanced way. OR

I loved the diet and exercise evaluation in your program. I realized what I was overeating and what I was leaving out of my diet. Desire, Seattle

Thank you for responding to my messages. I vouch for this plan. It has been an excellent help for me. Johann, New York

Thanks for your online program, it has helped so many people. In my case, I not only reached my goal, but I also managed to maintain my weight without any rebounds. Maria, Astoria

I feel delighted knowing that I can count on someone who cares about me. Thank you for your advice and for helping me value the efforts I make. Lupita, Texas

I lost 31 pounds and now everyone tells me that I look great. It's the best diet that's ever been made for us Hispanics. It's so easy and clear! Milly, Elizabeth

I'd like to tell everyone that's looking for a weight loss solution that by taking the advice of MyDiet™ and with a little bit of discipline you can reach your goals. Maria


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