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Learn tips on how to choose food

Por MyDiet™ Team -

We often shop for our food without really knowing what we should look for in the food to ensure it is fresh.  Improving the quality of the foods you select while grocery shopping will  help you to avoid falling victim to food-borne illnesses.   

A lot of attention has been drawn to food safety because of several recent food-borne illnesses that resulted from people having eaten contaminated food.  

Fortunately, today many of the technological advances that have been made have helped reduce the risk of food-borne illness.  Access to fresh foods that didn't exist hundreds of years ago is better in many parts of the world today.  This is helpful because foods don’t have to travel long distances and are not as likely to be contaminated.

In order to choose good quality fresh food and ensure healthy food preparation , we advise you to look for the following qualities in each of these food groups:


  • Try to choose lean meat. Look for a few fat streaks in meat tissue.
  • Look for a seal of inspection.
  • The consistency should be firm and pink in color, avoid discolored cuts. 
  • Chose cuts with a juicy consistency.     


  • Bright skin.
  • Bright, open eyes, clear corneas and black pupils.
  • Bright pink gills.
  • Seaweed smell.
  • Meat should not yield upon touching it. 
  • If you buy fresh fish, be sure it has been stored on ice.          

Dairy products.

  • A or AA grade, pasteurized.
  • White color and uniform consistency
  • Expiration date at least 1 week after you buy it.
  • Keep refrigerated at 35 ºF.


  • Bright whole grain.
  • No strange particles (stones, insects). 
  • Uniform size and color
  • Sealed packaging with no holes, recently stored (not more than three months old). 
  • Ingredients should be free from a rancid smell.    


  • Look for whole, oval, seamless and clean eggshells. 
  • Packaging should be labeled with grade, preferably AA or A grade.
  • Storage temperature should be 35 ºF or lower.     


  • Eat seasonal fruits, they are cheaper. 
  • Look for a quality seal. 
  • Strong and bright color, firm consistency, crisp look. 
  • Skin free of bruises or soft, watery or discolored zones. 
  • Fruit also should be free of stems and leaves.   


  • Strong and bright color, crisp look.
  • Skin free of bruises or brown / red stains.
  • No insects present
  • Preferably no roots. 
  • Store fresh for five days maximum .


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