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I own a small school and your website inspired me to create a program to improve children's eating habits. Now, the products sold in the cafeteria are much healthier, and more sports activities are offered. Ines, Puebla

Your recipes are delicious and they provide me with the energy and calories I need to lose weight. You offer an excellent health plan . Olga, Calverton

Thanks a lot for your answers. I feel much better than before and I've only been with MyDiet™ for three days. Esmeralda, Ansonia Connecticut

It's only been 2 weeks, but I feel as if I were eating the food my mother used to prepare. Thanks for bringing us back in touch with our culinary traditions. Sara, Dallas

I feel great with your diet plan. Thanks for all the things you do to motivate us to lose weight without feeling like we're on a diet. Magdalena, Fort Worth

I really appreciate your comments and suggestions on how to have more nutritious meals. Norayma, Midland

Today I realized how well I'm doing in my diet and exercise plan. The pedometer is being a big help to me. I'm taking more than 8,000 steps a day. Luzzette, Las Piedras

I'm very happy with this program because I don't need to starve in order to lose weight. I've suffered from depression because of the helplessness of not losing weight, but today I see the light in my life. S

The food list is excellent because it instructs me on how to choose foods when I'm away from home. Estuardo, San Salvador

What I like most about your plan is that it involves a balanced diet. I've never agreed with other types of diets. Andrea, Florida

My daughter is a doctor, and she agrees your internet program is wonderful. I feel energetic enough to follow the program and reach my goal. Emilia, Mexico

The results are spectacular and I'd recommend it with my eyes shut. Keep it up! The world needs you! Maria, New York

I would like to tell all of those who consult MyDiet™ that it really does work and you don't have to overexert yourself. All you have to do is eat what they recommend and do some exercise. Maria

I feel happy following this diet plan. I love it because I can eat everything I like. My family eats the same as me, and they think it's great too! Mayra, California

I'm very pleased to be a part of the MyDiet™ team, since they're helping me reach my goals by consuming a wide variety of foods. Jessica, Alabama


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