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Get Up and Get Slim!

Por Carola Sixto, Editor -
Get Up and Get Slim!

Chairs can become our worst enemy. Not only because if they break we’ll fall to the ground, but also because if we spend too much time sitting down, we may develop Metabolic Syndrome, which leads to obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. This was highlighted by a study that found people who spend many hours a day sitting are more likely to suffer from this syndrome, which affects more than 47 million Americans.

“The available information, through several studies, has shown that heart diseases, diabetes, and obesity are doubled or tripled in people who remain seatted for long periods every day,” said Marc Hamilton, professor of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Missouri, Columbia.

Circulation in Action
According to Hamilton, this happens because while we’re standing up, the lipase enzyme is absorbed by the muscles, but when sitting down, this lipase is virtually disconnected. Instead, fat circulates through the bloodstream and is stored in the body, also clogging the arteries, which can lead to cardiovascular disease.
Additionally, standing up for longer periods improves cholesterol levels by 22%.
“If you can do the same thing sitting or standing, I prefer to do it standing,” explained the expert. To change habits and spend less time sitting, it is important to take frequent breaks at work to stand up and walk a while. You can also talk on the phone or watch TV while standing.
“Standing up may help reduce your waist. You burn about 60 calories per hour,” he added.

5 Tips to Avoid the Chair
• Pick up the phone from a wireless device. That way, while talking, you can walk around the house or wherever you are. Avoid answering from an office phone.
• If you’re watching a TV series or the news, do it while standing!
• If you like to have a drink while watching a movie, don’t leave the bottle near, but use a glass instead. This way, you’ll be forced to stand up each time you need a refill.
• When you pick up your children at school, don’t wait for them in the car. Get out of the car and wait for them standing right next to it. You’ll give them a nice surprise!
• If you have friends or relatives who live near your home, don’t call them by phone! Next time you want to talk to them, go visit!

There’s no need to make huge changes in order to feel better. With these small changes, we can give great benefits to our health. So now, stand up and take a walk!


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