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Fifteen Ideas to Save Your Diet

Por MyDiet™ -

It's not uncommon for people to get bored with what they are eating.  Not only do many individuals and families lack the time to cook meals, they get stuck eating the same things over and over.  It's not surprising then that a common reaction is to head out the door to grab something different from a fast food- or other restaurant.  It’s easy, and it’s a quick solution to the problem.  Unfortunately, the foods that people choose at these places are typically not very good for them.  To help prevent diet boredom, and also prevent eating out from negatively affecting your health, make an effort to try some of the simple tips provided below:

  1.   Experiment with new foods and combinations.If you're tired of apples, try eating mango or peach slices.  Add color to your salads by adding new fruits. On whole grain toast, spread a bit of peanut butter and honey.
  2. Add black beans or garbanzos. Include legumes in your salad at lunch or dinnertime. If you buy a salad near your job, take beans with you in a plastic container. In addition to boosting nutrients, you will also have the feeling that you're eating a more substantial meal.
  3. “Remodel” your breakfast.Why not eat a slice of vegetarian pizza? Or how about scrambled eggs with a serving of cheese? Try to always include a grain and a dairy product in your breakfast meal or morning snack.
  4. Get creative with tofu.Try sautéing it in a small amount of olive oil to give it a distinct texture.
  5. Have nutritious snacks on hand. Rice cakes with ricotta cheese, strawberries, and orange juice are some good ideas. Imagine all the small, yet flavorful, snacks you can tuck in your bag.
  6. Choose whole grains when possible.When you shop for groceries or eat out, look for “whole grain” on the menu or ingredients list and choose those items when possible.
  7. Grill your vegetables.An outside barbecue does not have to be centered on just meat. Include vegetables as an option. Season vegetables with olive oil and spices.
  8. Get the most out of "ready to eat" foods.Stock up on frozen vegetables, packaged salads, whole grain pasta, and pre-cut fruits. Most of these foods take only minutes to prepare.
  9. Mix up your greens.Most likely you're faithful to one type of lettuce, for example romaine. In the vegetable section of the supermarket, dare yourself to taste a variety of colorful flavors: arugula, radicchio, spinach, cabbage, and butter lettuce.
  10. Opt for light side dishes.When you eat at a restaurant, choose a mixed salad with light dressing, instead of french fries.
  11. Make your cooking productive. One of the main challenges people have when dieting is having to cook specific foods and specific amounts. Cook healthy foods in abundance so, for example, you have a baked or boiled chicken breast on hand to go with salads, fat-free soups or a light tomato sauce. Keep in mind that you still need to pay attention to your portion sizes for each meal.
  12. Marinate meats.Season chicken, fish and meat hours or even a day before cooking.  There's nothing tastier than a blend of spices, lemon, and orange juice with chopped garlic to give an exquisite flavor boost to these dishes.
  13. Make herbs your friends.Dare yourself to buy those herbs you always look at but have never tried to cook with. The world of spices will open a new door for you.  It will make your dishes more tasty and exotic.
  14. Fill your snack drawer with cereal bars and other healthy snacks. These oh-so-convenient secret places can hide many sinful choices. Fill them with cereal, fruit and yogurt bars.
  15. Explore cuisines from other countries.If you feel limited to food only from your country, go ahead and think up an imaginary landscape and explore Asian, European and Mediterranean cuisines. You're sure to find new, vibrant flavors.


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