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After my husband died I turned to food. The only thing that kept me going was a piece of cake. I was depressed and gain a lot of weight. Finally I realized I was hurting my body and the moment I asked God for help I found MyDiet™. This wonderful program not only helped me to lose weight but it helped me raise my  self-esteem and leave behind my sad days. Thanks to all MyDiet™ team! Eva Atlanta,GA.

Thanks to MyDiet™ I lost weight and lowered my cholesterol and triglycerides. My Dr. asked me to keep on with this excellent program. Mary

My health is much better thanks to your recipes and articles. Subscribed my self to MyDiet™ help me to keep my goals. Cecilia

I am delighted with MyDiet™! My Dr. recommended me to follow a low fat, high  fiber diet and your program it’s an excellent source of information. Kate

Thanks to MyDiet™ I don’t have to spend all my money on diet pills that didn’t help me and made me feel bad. Zoé

My son feels much better with the food I’m giving him and the whole family is losing weight thanks to MyDiet’s delicious recipes. Mary Ellen. NY.

My friends and I join MyDiet™ and we are very happy, we are seeing positive results. Rosa

People ask me what am I doing to myself. They say I look great. Nobody knows that MyDiet™ is my secret. Thanks. Esther

Now that I know the excellent advices MyDiet™ gives, I laugh when people throw their money away on diet pills. Sherly Ann

My husband and I are following the program and we like it a lot. We exercise everyday and we are learning to eat healthy. Thanks! Karla

I feel motivated when I received phone calls or e-mails with your wonderful advices. Thanks.  I’m getting ready to lose 10 pounds. M

Your messages always help me to control my appetite, to eat healthy, and best of all to keep my figure and my heath. Anonymous

I am very happy with your advices; I lost weight without diet pills or horrible diets like I did before I join MyDiet™. J.G.

I am very happy to be on MyDiet™, even though I’m new, I like it because I can eat anything and my family loves my new recipes. Mayra

Since I’ve been on your program I’m in a better mood, I play more with my kids, we exercise together and they really like my new way of cooking. Mayra 


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