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Eating on Business Trips

Por MyDiet™ -

Many people find pleasure in going to restaurants while travelling, however, for others this can become a routine that frequently turns into an obstacle for weight control. Nevertheless, with a little bit of discipline and creativity, it is possible to balance a tight business schedule with a healthy life style.  Here are some options:

Eat at home on the weekends.If your weekly agenda is spent eating in fast food- and other restaurants, use your weekends to spend some of your free time doing some other type of recreational activity that does not involve eating out.

Try to be as strict as possible with your eating plan while you are away on business.Generally, in the larger hotels, healthy options are included in the menu and chefs are willing to help guests who need to follow a specific eating plan. Leave local dish tasting for vacation travel.

Do not quit your exercise routine. Make time every day to exercise even when you are away on a business trip. This will not only help control your weight, but it is also an excellent way of getting rid of stress.

Do not skip meals.Relax and take time to eat. Even if you have to eat at the office or in a business meeting, try to make this moment a relaxed one and take your time.

Hydrate yourself properly.The fact that you are in an air-conditioned environment most of the time and that you are not sweating does not mean that your body does not need liquids. Drink coffee in moderation, and if you are going to drink something in the office, make sure to include water, fruit juices with no sugar added, and sugar-free soft drinks.

Remember that stress, poor eating habits and lack of activity are factors that influence the development of chronic illnesses. Because of this business people need to take special care to avoid a life style that contributes to the development of these types of conditions.


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