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Every year, my school organizes a beauty contest, but I had never thought about signing up because I was overweight. After following your program for a few months, I lost weight, and a lot of people tell me that I should sign up this year. I'm very happy with the results! Cristina, California

There are many weight loss programs, but only with MyDiet™ I found one that adapted to my needs. With this program, I've lost weight in a healthy way. Vicky

Words are not enough to thank everyone at MyDiet™ for the excellent advice they've given me on how to lose weight and stay healthy. Thanks a million! Vero

I had problems with my weight ever since I was little and I thought I was going to suffer from this all my life. A year ago, I found MyDiet™ and now I don't have any more weight problems. Thanks. Victor

My pantry used to be full of junk food and my kids and I were overweight. Today, thanks to your advice, we're slimmer and we eat delicious and healthy food. Elvira

My daughter had a hard time because she was the only one in the family who was overweight. One day she came across MyDiet™ and ever since then she's been very slim. Now, she's the one who tells us what we should eat. T

Your articles have helped me learn how to guide my children in their eating habits and prevent them from falling into serious problems, such as bulimia and anorexia. Thanks. Tania, Texas

Since I found out about MyDiet™, my family has grown closer. We've learned the importance of sharing mealtimes and we enjoy exercising together. Sonia

I would like to thank you for all the information you give us on healthy and effective ways to lose weight, which are tailored to our individual needs. Jenny, Texas

It was a relief to find a website like MyDiet™, which not only gives you advice on how to lose weight, but is also concerned about doing it in a healthy way. Thanks. Georgina

Your program not only helped me lose weight, but it also helped me regain my self-esteem. Now I know I can reach my desired weight without spending a lot of money. Brenda

Today I realized how much money I was spending on useless pills and creams. Luckily I found your program, and I know that this is a good investment. D

Yesterday I ran into my ex-boyfriend and he almost dropped dead because of how pretty and slim I am. I owe it all to your weight loss program. Many thanks! Pilar, Mexico

This New Year's I made a resolution again to lose weight, but this time I did it with the help of your program. I'm never giving it up! Fernanda, Costa Rica

Last month, I went to visit my sister and she was surprised to see how great I look. I told her my secret was MyDiet™ and now she joined the program too. Sandra


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