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Bikini or Swimsuit?

Por Carola Sixto, Editor DrTango, Inc. -

Guide to buy what best fits you

Far from having to solve this dilemma by chance or as a matter of preferences, there are several tips that can help you make the best decision.

Before deciding what the best swimsuit is, it’s important to consider where you will use it and with whom. If you are a brand new mother or have several small children, perhaps your best choice is a nice, sexy, one-piece swimsuit that allows you to move without risk. Especially if you have a baby, you’ll be more comfortable to carry him/her or bend down as many times as necessary.

A Style for Each Body For all women to go to the beach or pool with a bathing suit that will fit well and feel comfortable, Kohl’s firm produced a guide that shares some suggestions, depending on each woman’s body type:

 Inverted triangle shape:Women whose back is wider than their waist and hips. Recommendation: Buy a swimsuit that has a high neckline to minimize the top and emphasize the bottom. If you go for a bikini, choose a plain-colored bra and a printed bottom.

• Triangle shape:Women with their hips wider than their shoulders. Rounded hips and buttocks.
Recommendation: To create the sensation of having a more balanced shape, use a one-piece swimwear with a “boat neck,” competition style, or one that hides the belly. If you prefer a bikini, choose a single-colored bra that is tied around the neck.

• Athletic shape:These women have long, slender bodies, with the same width at the shoulders, hips, and buttocks.
Recommendation: Choose any swimsuit that accentuates the waist.

• Hourglass shape:This is considered the perfect body. With balanced shoulders and hips that define the waist.
Recommendation: If this is your case, don’t be shy and wear any swimsuit! Try something that shows off your curves.

• Apple shape:Women with this body type usually have plenty of bust and a slightly defined waist.
Recommendation: Choose a swimsuit that doesn’t draw attention to the mid-chest and stomach area. To minimize the chest area, look for a bathing suit that is draped in dark, solid colors.

The Ideal Bra
If the problem is to find a bikini that fits your body well, here are some tips from Kohl’s guide:

• Bikini with triangles that are fastened in the neck:ideal for women with more bust.
•  Tankini:more than a bathing suit… it makes you look fit! A tankini is perfect to cover some “rolls,” since only a little of the waist is exposed. With the convenience offered by two-piece suits.
• Half-cup bikini:They cover more and are recommendable for women with little or medium bust.
• Tankini with “gang”:It offers the same advantages as a regular tankini, but without covering your back.
• Bikini with shorts:If the goal is to cover hips and buttocks, this is the right choice! In addition to covering some areas, it accentuates your natural curves.
• Monokini:one of the most attractive bathing suits! Like a bikini, but with a strip connecting the two parts through the middle of the body. This is the best swimsuit to show off your body.

If you think these are too many tips to memorize, print this article and use it as a shopping guide!



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