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8 Low-Calorie Choices to Bring to Your Table

Por Carola Sixto -

Thinking of a Christmas table with light dishes and snacks can become one of the most acclaimed decisions of the night. Especially because even those who don’t usually worry about gaining weight often complain about excessive eating during this time of the year.

Anyway, the idea is to make dishes similar to those you regularly prepare, but using lighter ingredients so that the final amount of calories benefits you.

1.    Delicious appetizers:Serve whole-wheat or bran toasts with a piece of turkey and a basil leaf (40 calories each). You can also place a boiled egg white and an olive on top. If you like mayonnaise, replace with a light cheese spread.

2.    Turkey instead of beef:Turkey contains proteins and nutrients and, at the same time, fewer calories and fat than other meats: 155 calories per 100 grams. Instead of mashed potatoes, serve turkey with grilled vegetables.

3.    Light Brochettes:It’s a fun idea for both kids and adults. Buy some long brochette sticks and fix them with: salmon, low fat cheese, melon, and prosciutto. You can also prepare some with low fat soft cheese, cherry tomatoes, and basil.

4.    Replace gravy for a blueberry sauce.Besides containing very few calories, blueberries make the dish look more attractive. (Each serving of blueberry sauce provides 43 calories.)

5.    Instead of serving a tray with nuts, almonds, and hazelnuts, prepare a colorful “fruit fountain.”Dare to break with tradition—and with the calories derived from nuts. In a bowl or tray, place some pineapple slices dried mangoes, pears, and apricots. They have fewer calories and can be a colorful dessert.

6.    Flourless treats:Using slices of low-fat cheese and raw or cooked ham, wrap fruit and vegetable sticks, such as melon, pineapple, palm, or cherries.

7.    In your favorite bread basket, place celery and carrot sticks instead of breadsticks and buns.Next to the basket, place small bowls containing white cheese and chives, white cheese and a dash of soy sauce, and cheese with black olives.

8.    After dinner, prepare a colorful dessert table with bowls of fruit,so that each person can fix his/her own fruit salad.


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