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10 Tips for Dining Out

Por Carola Sixto, Editor Dr. Tango™ -

Going to a restaurant can be a fireproof when you’re following a diet plan. All kinds of tempting dishes and desserts will be right in front of you, as well as healthy and delicious alternatives. The secret, as always, is to anticipate, having some ideas of what you can and want to order.

1. Before leaving home, eat a snack, such as a fresh fruit, fruit salad, cereal bar, soup, or yogurt, so when you arrive at the restaurant your appetite won’t betray you.
2. Although it may be difficult, stay away from the bread basket. Experience shows that if you try one piece of bread, you’ll end up eating two or three. More so if it’s served with a cream sauce or dip.
3. If you feel like having a drink, don’t order dessert. A 12-ounce beer (355 mL) has 153 calories, while dessert, like an apple pie, has 277 calories.
4. Avoid fried foods, au gratin recipes, sautéed in oil or butter, covered with bread or flour, or preparations with a stuffing, since they have a higher content of fat and calories.
5. Look for steamed, grilled, or baked options on the menu.
6. If you ordered chicken, and it’s served with skin, remove it.
7. If the dish comes with an optional side dish, choose baked potatoes instead of french fries. However, the best option, if available, is steamed vegetables or a salad.
8. To season pasta or baked potatoes, ask for a tomato sauce instead of cream, butter, cheese, or bacon. Tomato sauce has very few calories.
9.  Ask for a prepared sauce or dressing and help yourself only once. Avoid mayonnaise and prefer mustard, lemon juice, or olive/canola oil.
10. For dessert, ask for a fruit salad. If not available on the menu, prefer fruit popsicles rather than creamy ice creams. 

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