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The Best Exercises for Your Back

The Best Exercises for Your Back

Back pain seems to be worst enemy of exercise. Only standing up can be a real ordeal for those who suffer back pain. However, according to experts, science has proven the opposite: physical activity can relieve pain and even make it disappear.

The Key to Feel Better
To reduce the suffering and not increase it, the North American Spine Society recommends practicing certain exercise that, if well done, can make the pain decrease or even disappear. However, if the pain persists even after the end of the activity, you should consult a doctor.
When the discomfort disappears, you’ll be ready to further strengthen the other muscles of the back.

10 Exercises to Relieve the Pain 

1) Walk.Start with a 10-minute walk and increase up to 30 minutes. Besides time, you can also increase the speed at which you  walk. 

2) Stretch back.Standing up, place your hands on each side of your body, at the lower part of your back, and start taking your head back as far as you can. Wait one or two seconds and repeat this movement 10 times, trying to reach further each time. Repeat this exercise every two hours.

3) Bend backwards on the floor.Lay on the floor, face down, with your knees, hips, elbows and forearms over the floor. Begin by lifting your back, stretching the lumbar region upward. Try to support your neck in your back. Keep that position for 10 seconds and repeat it three times. If the pain doesn’t worsen, repeat this exercise every two hours. 

4) Vertical takeoffs. In the same position as the previous exercise, stretch up, taking your elbows off the floor. Wait one or two seconds and get back to the starting position. Repeat 10 times, trying to go all the way back each time. If you don’t feel any pain, repeat this exercise every two hours.

5) Correcting your standing position.Standing up, take your head back, stretching your chin. Ears and shoulders should be vertically aligned with your hips.

6) Correcting your sitting position.On a chair, straighten your spine while contracting the abdomen. Your ears and shoulders should be aligned with your hips, just like when standing.

7) Knee to chest.Lying on the floor, staring at the ceiling, bend one leg and bring the knee toward your chest. Pull over during 10 seconds. Repeat three times with each leg.

8) Knees to chest.In the same position as before, bend both legs and bring your knees toward your chest. Hold during 10 seconds. Repeat three times. If there’s no pain, repeat two or three times a day.

9) Extensions on the floor.Face down, stretch your arms behind your back and lift your head and shoulders off the floor. Hold this position for 5 to 10 seconds and then repeat the exercise three times.

10) “Cat” or “Camel” stretch.On the floor, supporting your weight on your knees and hands, make the “cat” or “camel” stretch, contracting your abs and hunching up your back. Hold this position for 5 to 10 seconds, then return to the starting position. 

Watch our  video with an exercise to strengthen your back

If you practice these exercises several times a day, you will soon begin to notice the difference. Your back pain will become less intense and may even disappear. To do this, try to keep an adequate posture during the day and avoid  lifting heavy objects. Your back pain will get better each day, and so will you.

Source: “Exercise: The Backbone of Spine Treatment” / 


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