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It's Never Too Late to Start

Por Eleazar Lara-Pantin, MD, MSc.* -
It's Never Too Late to Start

A happy person is a healthy person. Almost every day a new article appears or a new book hits the shelves on the important role that exercise plays in maintaining a good quality of life. All the research on the subject agrees that you must remain active to stay healthy and happy.

Start exercising now

This claim about the importance of staying active contradicts the popular belief that in old age you need to slow down. Modern research suggests something quite different--something that the elderly in other countries have already proven. As we age, we should benefit from the experiences acquired over the years and enjoy our grandchildren and the possibility of doing, at our own pace, nearly everything we want to do to make us happy.

Nowadays we know that the limitations associated with old age do not simply result from the passing of time, but from the impact of diseases suffered earlier on in our lives. We also now know that exercise plays an important role in preventing those very same diseases.

For this reason, we should encourage children and young people to engage in regular physical exercise from early on. We also need to convince people that they can start exercising at any point in their lives. Exercise benefits every one of our body's organs and systems.

Find your youth

Numerous scientific studies show that many organic functions, instead of declining, can improve during the so-called golden years. In various research institutes, people over 60 have started special weight-lifting programs, which have led them to recover and maintain their muscular mass more effectively than younger people. In many cases, people even over 90 have managed to get their former quality of life back and give up their walking canes and their wheelchairs thanks to physical exercise.

The movement, strength and aerobic capacity that form the foundation of our physical health depend on the elasticity of the tissue in our muscles and joints. You can only attain this elasticity through a good exercise program. And the sooner we start preparing our muscles, joints, heart and lungs to help us live active lives for as long as possible, the better health we’ll enjoy.

Obviously, the longer you’ve remained inactive, the more carefully you’ll have to choose an exercise program that works best for you. Don’t forget to get a thorough medical check-up before you begin the program.

You never get too old to start exercising!


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